MisterEdTech is Redefining Learning Using Google + Edmodo

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August 9th, 2016

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Known to his online community as “MisterEdTech,” Randy FairField currently serves as a Technology/Instructional Coach Blog Image _GAFEat Carmichael Middle School in the Richland School District in Eastern Washington. Randy runs MisterEdTech.com, who’s mission is to support teachers and organizations as they look to integrate technology to achieve research-driven, student-centered outcomes.

To that end, Randy has been an early adopter of the integration of Google within the Edmodo platform. Randy harnesses the combined power of Google and Edmodo in his classrooms every day and helps other teachers do it themselves. Thanks to his video tutorials, teachers are able to streamline their days by quickly going between Edmodo and the productivity tools they use daily. More importantly, Randy illustrates that teachers need not choose one application over the other, but rather they can use both Edmodo and Google in a seamless, complementary manner.

Here are 3 ways that Randy is utilizing Google integration in his classrooms:

Click here to find out more about Randy and MisterEdTech.  

4 responses to “MisterEdTech is Redefining Learning Using Google + Edmodo”


    how to connect edmodo with other tools is fantastic, I found this blog and info so relevant and useful

  2. Its Amazing. the power of Edmodo & Google Apss For Education

  3. Paola says:

    Great videos! Very useful for me, in particular the one about Google Doc as a mean to enhance teacher feedback! Thanks…

  4. I’m glad you all have enjoyed the ideas and resources! Please feel free to ask questions if you’d specifically like me to address any specific tool in the Google Apps for Education suite in regards to how you might integrate it with Edmodo.

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