Edmodo and Microsoft Partner for Success

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August 10th, 2016

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How can California’s largest K-6 district train all of its students to be next-generation professionals? It’s a challenge that might be daunting for many districts, but not for Chula Vista Elementary School District. With 28,000 students and 1,500 teachers across 47 schools, the district has made huge strides towards its goal by offering access to Microsoft Office 365 on the Edmodo platform to its students, teachers and staff.Blog Image microsoft

The usage numbers of Edmodo in its five years of use at CVESD attest to its popularity. More than 18,000 students and 1,300 teachers now have Edmodo accounts. The platform’s popularity at the district led to a proliferation of accounts – ones that were separate from their Office 365 profiles. This gave administrators little control over what credentials students were using to create Edmodo profiles and limited ability to help with forgotten passwords.

To help combat this problem, Edmodo teamed with Microsoft to build a solution that enables students to log into Edmodo directly through their Office 365 accounts with a single password. Teachers and students can open, create, and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and access additional tools, including Sway, OneNote and Mix by simply clicking the Office icon in their apps launcher. Conveniently, students can also link their OneDrive to their Edmodo Library. The result: All of their files and folders in one place, readily available to attach to assignments and notes.

And while teacher collaboration is central to improving instruction at CVESD, the district faced the challenge of delivering personalized professional development to teachers and facilitating communication and collaboration. Edmodo enables CVESD to facilitate deep school-level and district-level teacher onboarding and training through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Professional Learning Networks (PLNs). Teachers can create ad hoc PLCs at the grade level, subject area, team or other interest group of their choice.

Administrators and parents can also tap into the electronic learning community. Parents can view upcoming assignments, class announcements and their students’ academic progress. Administrators can use Edmodo analytics to gauge student achievement against standards, and encourage innovative teachers to share their ideas with peers in other district classrooms.

Thanks to Office 365 and Edmodo, the school day at CVESD has been redefined. Students can collaborate and pursue their intellectual and creative interests at any time, wherever they are — helping CVESD to meet its challenge of preparing students for a rapidly changing world.

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  2. Yuche says:

    This will be a great benefit for Edmodo user since we can use office 365 account for Edmodo. Just one click and whalaa.. everything is set up.

  3. Claudia says:

    This partnership has the formula for success. I have all my info in One Drive and it will make sharing a lot easier. Thanks a lot to everyone that made it possible.

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