Teach Better Together Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win 6 iPads for your Classroom

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August 24th, 2016

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When you’re working together as a team, anything is possible! Edmodo understands how a community can accelerate learning both in and outside of the classroom which is why we’ve built a global network with over 66 million users.

But we’re just getting started.

Edmodo strengthens classrooms and you can help us in a big way! We’re excited to announce the Teach Better Together contest. Refer teachers to Edmodo for a chance to win 6 iPads for your classroom. The more you invite, the higher your chances are of winning.

Any U.S. teachers with Edmodo accounts are eligible to participate in the contest. The first drawing will be held on Wednesday, September 7th, and the winner will receive 6 iPads for their classroom. Subsequently, there will be two more drawings throughout the month of September so you can continue to improve your chances of winning.

The next two drawings will be held on:

  • Wednesday, September 21st
  • Wednesday, October 5th

Please review the contest’s terms and conditions before referring any teachers. As an Edmodo user, you’re already a part of the Edmodo family.  Share the power of connections by referring your fellow teachers, and you could be well on your way to 6 shiny new iPads.

Enter to Win

18 responses to “Teach Better Together Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win 6 iPads for your Classroom”

  1. wahyudi says:

    My dream is to share in the world education, I am sure Edmodo can make it happen.

  2. Airel N says:

    I don’t think the contest should be only for US teachers. You promote the affiliation of teachers worldwide and now discriminate us
    Thank you

  3. Shenna Rhea Cloribel says:

    Hi! How about for Teachers outside US? 🙂

  4. Wakita Fields says:

    Signup to Edmodo

  5. When I click ENTER TO WIN, it does not take to anywhere that I can respond. Help?

  6. Sarah Boler says:

    I LOVE Edmodo!! My students and their parents can interact with me and see all of their assignments at the touch of their fingers!!
    I am able to teach without using paper and I LOVE IT!!
    At my back to school night last night, I was signing all the parents into their students groups and one Mom said, “Why don’t ALL the teachers use this?” I said, “that is a good question!!”
    Thank you Edmodo:-)

  7. Vicki says:

    Edmodo is a great tool. I use it to upload video lessons from my classes so that my students can revisit the lesson or if students were absent when the lesson was taught, they can watch the lesson. “Assisting & Making my students Accountable for their own learning.”

  8. arely says:



  9. Stella Maris says:

    me parece que si se invita a los maestros no debe ser para los que son estadounidenese nada más. Somos maestros de muchos paises!

  10. Alma Juárez Ramírez says:

    Is this only for U.S. teachers?

  11. David Gaskell says:

    What a shame its only available for U.S. teachers.
    We have many fine teachers over here in Australia that would love to win some iPads.

  12. Sílvia Cabré says:

    I cannot participate because I am not working in the US. However, I really love Edmodo . It provides me to grow my networking with other teachers , learn more and the possibility to collaborate together. It helps my students to reach the skills of the 21st century.

  13. Alejandra says:

    Good initiative, but my school is in the End of the World.

  14. E. Lopez says:

    It’s ony teacher’s from US only?

  15. Dr. Jay Zamecnik says:

    I am teaching English and Science in Thailand, and we try to promote e-learning with Edmodo here. Its a great tool, and it will help us to improve the quality of education within this country. All help for our school will be great and highly appreciated.

  16. Thomas Jensen says:

    I’m an English teacher from Indonesia.
    Edmodo is really useful for me.
    to help me improve the knowledge of my student and paperless quiz and worksheet.

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