Throwback Tell-All (Gulp!). Team Edmodo Reveals Our Own Prized School Supplies.

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September 6th, 2016

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Back-to-school season is always a fun time here at Edmodo. The new school year gets us all reminiscing about favorite teachers,class projects, secret crushes and so much more. Recently we rolled back the clock at the office, discussing beloved school gear from school days gone by. Here are some treasured “old school tools” mentioned by the Edmodo team members.


“Caran d’ache color pencils – Because in the 70s (while going to school in Bombay), we never had that range of colors in our color pencil sets.”

Manish Kothari, Edmodo GM of Institutions


“I loved having iron-on patches on my backpack. It was a fun way to express my personality and decorate the good ol’ Jansport. One of my favorite patches was a yin yang symbol. It made me feel really deep in middle school.”

Julia Gitis, Edmodo Product Manager


“My favorite back to school item of all time was my beloved messenger bag, that I had all throughout high school. It was where I kept my entire life at the time. In the mid 90’s messenger bags were primarily used by bike couriers and skateboarders, so the bag was in itself a signifier of belonging to San Francisco’s vibrant subculture of weirdoes and troublemakers. To this day I am obsessed with and collect vintage messenger bags.”

Sebastian Caceres, Edmodo Visual Designer


“My favorite school supply was my Lisa Frank folder. I loved using it to keep track of all of my notes from class, both school related and personal note passing ( I know, I was a trouble maker). Keeping my content organized was my #1 priority and I needed to be fashion forward both in and outside of the classroom.”

Meredith May, Edmodo Senior Marketing Manager


“My favorite school supply was the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition.  It had the upgraded TI-83 processor, with a very visually stimulating clear silver casing.  It allowed me to play simple video games on the calculator instead of paying attention in class.  It had very basic programming built in as well and let you experiment. This god lasted through high school into college. Like a rock. A rock that graphs quadratic equations.”

Sam Swink, Edmodo User Support Manager

mechnical pencils

“My favorite school supply growing up were my cute collectible mechanical pencils! I was always that girl with lots of pretty pencils and ready to share. Plus we all know once we lend a pencil…we don’t usually get it back!“

Divya Alla, Edmodo Marketing Intern


“My favorite school supply (for a number of my elementary school years) was my Sanrio Keroppi pencil box! This box allowed ample storage space for all the essential “smart cool kid” supplies – mechanical pencils, protractors, highlighters in every color, etc. The best part was the lock – I had to make sure to lock this treasure chest every time I left my desk (I don’t think there were any pirates in the classroom but then again you can never be too sure). The pencil box gave me a sense of responsibility, at the same time it made me feel organized and excited to work :)”

Reena Rai, Edmodo HR Manager

kung fu lunchbox

“Although my elementary school days predated cyber bullying, there was a crew of “upper classmen” quick to snatch sugary sodas or other choice items from younger kid’s lunches. But with my vintage (read: metal) Kung Fu lunchbox, it was obvious that I was skilled in the martial arts and someone whose feathers were not to be ruffled.”

Darrell Jones, Edmodo Writer

Any school supplies that bring back special memories for you? Or retro gear favored by your children or students? We’d all love to hear about them. Continue the conversation by sharing below. 

13 responses to “Throwback Tell-All (Gulp!). Team Edmodo Reveals Our Own Prized School Supplies.”

  1. Tami Walton says:

    My favorite school supplies were smelly markers and PeeChee folders. I could color those for hours!

  2. Lisa Lytton says:

    I will never forget the book bag my grandmother made me. It was made from red felt, with my name on the little red pocket in front, and the handles were cut with pinking shears. The year is 1961. After her death, I found and saved the pattern.

  3. Frances says:

    Back to school stationery sets nowadays come with emoji stickers and sticky notes, but I still feel a thrill when I see a retro, minimalist set, containing just a pencil, pen, 6 inch ruler, protractor and compass. You knew you would never use the compass or protractor, but just having them made you feel as though you were ready to take on the world.

  4. Laura says:

    Mine was a five star folder

  5. Fay Douglin says:

    Hello Kitty stationery and lunch boxes

  6. Melody says:

    My Barbie Lunch box in second grade. It was black shiny plastic with a pink Barbie on the front. It did not withstand the wear and tear of lunch every day so mid-year I had to resort to brown paper bags. I was so sad!

  7. Pee Chee folders! They were inexpensive, but had everything I needed right there.

  8. Emma says:

    My favorite was the fountain pen.

  9. Laura Collins says:

    Hands down, a brand new, freshly opened box of 64 Crayola crayons. Those beautiful flattened cone tips, uniform. Unblemished paper wrappers. The intoxicating smell that enveloped the box. I would immediately sort them by order and hue, creating a satisfying array of vivid wax perfection. The ultimate experience was prior to any use, of course, but even afterwards, nothing was better than those Crayolas (no other brands, please!). To this day, I share my crayons with no one. No one.

  10. Tanja Michelle Cupples Meece says:

    I will always remember brown paper bag lunches, filled with two plastic wrapped peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. For all 12 of my years in public schools. I wish I’d had a cool backpack to bury them in, but I attended school when backpacks were used for hiking, not hoarding past due library books and anything else that wasn’t homework.

  11. Rob Duerr says:

    A winning combo was the Bee Gees Lunch Kit (with Thermos) and a Countach Trapper Keeper. That’s all I really needed. That Kit needed to be metal, not plastic. Album Cover Folders and the Little Professor didn’t hurt either.


  12. Rob Duerr says:

    A winning combo was the Bee Gees Lunch Kit (with Thermos) and a Countach Trapper Keeper. That’s all I really needed. That Kit needed to be metal, not plastic. Album Cover Folders and the Little Professor didn’t hurt either.


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