Edmodo Flips Snapchat for Teachers and Students 👻

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September 24th, 2016

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There’s nothing that Edmodians like more than learning something new. We live and breathe the cross-section between, social interaction and education. At its core, Edmodo is a tool developed to bridge the gap between how students live their lives and how they learn in school. But creating connections and learning opportunities is just the beginning. We want to empower all learners both on our network and beyond.

Just like we flipped the classroom, we are now flipping Snapchat by creating a channel that celebrates continuous learning. We’re excited to announce that Edmodo’s primary social media channel is Snapchat which is full of original content that is not only fun but thought-provoking. In the last few weeks we have shared:

  • Tip Tuesday: We offered ways to boost productivity in school, study tips for visual learners and suggestions for organizing notes for the academic year.

  • Teach Me How Thursday: We taught viewers how to do cool things like play Pokemon GO, make a friend IRL, add stickers to your iPhone text messages, and even how to use Snapchat, for all of you newbie Snappers out there.

  • Ask An Edmodian: We’ve asked the Edmodo team to share their favorite snacks, favorite places to hang out at Edmodo HQ and their go-to TGIF jam for the weekend.

So join us as we spread the love of learning on Snapchat. You won’t want to miss the awesome activities we’re cooking up.

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12 responses to “Edmodo Flips Snapchat for Teachers and Students 👻”

  1. Emilee says:

    I know Snapchat is fun because my sister and my mom use it.

    • Emilee says:

      I have a lot of TGIF jams my fav one is hummm I don’t have just one favorite I have lot’s of favs like just its Friday Friday to just my favorite songs cause when I get home from school on Friday I just want me time because I never get just me time but I do love most songs I mean I like different generas of music.

  2. samantha Amaya says:

    this sound so cool I would love too try tries this this looks like a new way to lean new stuff.

  3. Maya sherpa says:

    Thank u

  4. Maria Borges says:

    Great! Portuguese students love it!

  5. cow says:

    boy if u dont

  6. Leroy says:

    I’m sorry, but how is this like Snapchat? I don’t understand…

  7. Darianne says:

    how to speak a lot of stuff in spanish

  8. shiane couch says:

    i think it cool

  9. saniyah jenkins says:

    wow omg so cool

  10. Em33 says:

    My Parents say I can’t use any social media

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