3 BIG Reasons Teachers Prefer Edmodo with Google Apps

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Many teachers are being asked to use Google Classroom as part of their district’s Chromebook initiative. But teachers always know the best solution for their own classroom. And teachers who use Edmodo know how well it engages students, creates active learners, and brings even the shiest of wallflowers into the conversation.

This back-to-school season, we talked to some teachers about why they prefer Edmodo. Teachers who use Google Apps choose to use Edmodo even when they have access to Google Classroom. Why? Because they get all the power of Google Apps, united with Edmodo’s social learning. Take it from Scott Mayer, an Instructional Technology Specialist in North East Independent School District:

I and many others at my campuses prefer using Edmodo with Google Suite. Edmodo handles all workflows of Google Classroom, including digital copies of assignments, plus we get powerful communications tools to interact with students, access to Edmodo's global teacher network, and is a perfect platform for PLCs.

Interested in learning why you should use Edmodo with Google? Here’s what other teachers have said:

One-Click Digital Assignments

Edmodo can distribute online assignments to each of your students, giving them individual copies and allowing them to turn in Edmodo assignments directly from their Google interface.

The share assignments feature now on Edmodo makes having a paperless classroom more available. I don’t have to worry about students losing their assignments and having to make copies again for those careless students! — Mrs. Sharpe

👏🏽 to Edmodo for smashing Edmodo and GAFE [together]. So excited that my students can connect both platforms that are heavily used in our classroom. Thanks Edmodo! — Mrs. Citizen

The new Assignment features make integrating Google Apps for Education with my existing lessons SO much easier. — Ms. Chunn

Enable Differentiated Learning

With Edmodo, you can easily set up small groups so you can support differentiated learning in your classroom. Split students into groups that let them tackle different content or practices. Or group them together for single projects or lab groups. Then use Edmodo to easily provide rapid formative assessment and cyclical feedback to individual students.

“I love using Edmodo for differentiation. With students, I use the small groups to encourage collaboration with classmates in a more leveled way. They are also great because I can monitor the entire collaboration process and help when I’m needed. I also use Edmodo to help when differentiating between classes. I sometimes have to teach two classes in the same room. With Edmodo, I can keep track of each class and efficiently create assignments and projects that keep both classes participating and engaged in the classroom.” — Garnet Mayo

In my class, we are not done until we all agree that we are done. Edmodo allows students to submit a piece of work, and not have to stop working simply because you hit submit. You can submit your work and continue working as feedback is given. That for us is the absolute best part about Edmodo. — Ms. Garcia

Give Students The Platform They Want

Students love Edmodo because it’s closer to the social platforms they use outside of class. It’s more interactive, makes it easier to communicate with teachers and other students, and gives a voice to students who have trouble speaking up in class.

“You know, it is kind of corny but the Facebook like features are what gets the students attention when they first start their account. I think the familiarity gives them some confidence in the process of online instruction. — Chef Carrie

There are a lot of students that have opened up to me on the Edmodo platform and told me things they may not have told me on another platform that was less inviting to more personal conversation. Unlike other platforms, Edmodo can be MORE than just a place for teachers to post assignments– it can be a place that helps facilitate the kinds of personal interactions that students need in their lives– particularly those that come from poverty, those that are introverts, and/or those on the autism spectrum. Mr. Fairfield

There are a lot of tools out there to help you distribute assignments and connect your classroom, but only Edmodo gives you the chance to foster communication and enable peer learning in your classroom on a daily basis. Millions of teachers choose Edmodo for their classroom every year. Don’t let a decision about hardware from the district limit your classroom. Teach More with Edmodo.

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