5 Strategies for Using Posts to Increase Student Engagement in Your Virtual Classroom

By Doreen Wolfgram | March 19th, 2021 | 8 Comments

Posts can be used for more than just class announcements! From doing wellness checks to adding fun GIFs, here's how you can use posts in your virtual classroom to motivate and engage your students.

Five Strategies for Using Posts to Increase Student Engagement in Your Virtual Classroom

Posts are the foundation of an Edmodo Class; it’s what teachers use every day to communicate with their students, especially during remote learning. Of course, posts are great for general announcements, but there are so many other ways to engage your students with this same feature!

Edmodo recently incorporated Rich Text Formatting into the Class Post Composer. This feature allows you to add a bit of visual excitement to your posts with font variety, bulleted or numbered lists, code, or hyperlinks. Attaching documents, images, or videos is an invitation for students to interact with your message. Here are a few ideas for using Class Posts to motivate and engage your students!


Do a Wellness Check

Recent studies have underscored the profound impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students and their families. Remote learning, quarantine, health worries, and financial difficulties have all contributed negatively to our students’ mental health. The Edmodo Wellness Check found in the Class Post Composer is a window into the emotional wellbeing of your class as a whole. Individual student responses to the Wellness Check are seen only by you (and your co-teacher, if applicable), and provide an opportunity to offer private messages of support and encouragement to individual students. 

While teaching English at Southern Regional High School in Manahawkin, New Jersey, Kate Baker, Edmodo’s Sr. Community Engagement Manager, found the Wellness Check to be a valuable tool for connecting with her students in a personal way. “Wellness Checks provided a connection to and an avenue for my introverted students who were reticent to speak up in class to advocate for themselves. I got to know ALL of my students with Wellness Checks.” 


Create a Class Poll

Another built-in Post feature is the Class Poll. Requesting and responding to student feedback builds ownership, accountability, and trust in the classroom. 

Sheryl Place, Digital Convergence Facilitator for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, has used the Class Poll to create a sense of ownership in class and school-based decision making. When her school was considering a change in class scheduling, Sheryl gathered student feedback using a Class Poll. “I used the information from my students' poll responses to guide our department through a protocol investigating the pros and cons of the new scheduling ideas. Having specific data from students is very powerful for educators.”

Class Poll, Sheryl Place, Digital Convergence Facilitator for Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Class Poll, Sheryl Place, Digital Convergence Facilitator for Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Polls can also be used to get students’ opinions on current or historical events, characters in a novel, preferred problem solving methods in math or science, or lesson feedback. The opportunities for specific feedback are endless. Poll results are anonymous, giving students the confidence to answer honestly. 


Add a Link

Add a hyperlink to your post to share an interesting resource such as a YouTube video. Videos can be played directly in the post without having to leave Edmodo, so there’s no need to worry about your students becoming distracted by those cute cat videos.

YouTube video embedded in Post
YouTube video embedded in Post


Add excitement or emotion with GIFs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a GIF worth? Finding a GIF that communicates an idea or message is an effective way to teach students how to think critically, identify emotions, and form connections with you and each other. You can add a GIF to your Post or ask students to reply with a GIF and nothing else!

Students replying to a Post with a GIF
Students replying to a Post with a GIF


Schedule a Post

Most teachers worry if they need to be out of the classroom for any period of time. If that sounds familiar, there’s a feature that can help manage your posts for you while you’re gone. The Class Post Composer has the option to publish immediately or schedule publication for a future date. If you have a guest teacher covering your class for a time, you can schedule posts to supplement your substitute teacher plans. Your scheduled assignments, quizzes, or posts outlining class procedures will give your students the tools they need to complete their work with minimal supervision. 

Birthday messages, standardized test schedule reminders, or holiday greetings are a few other types of posts that can be scheduled at the beginning of the school year or any other time

Scheduling a Post in an Edmodo Class
Scheduling a Post in an Edmodo Class

Fresh and creative class posts can spark enthusiasm for learning in your classroom. What are some ways you have used Posts to increase engagement in your virtual or in-person classroom? Share your ideas in the comments! 



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