7 Resources For Black History Month In Your Classroom

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Black History Month is nearly here, and there’s never been a better time to share the stories of African-American inventors, politicians, activists and key figures. We’ve searched through Edmodo Spotlight to bring you some of our favorite resources around Black History Month, key figures in Black History, and important historical periods in Black History.

Black History Month Resources

PBS Black History Month Resources

This collection of resources from PBS includes 17 lesson plans and educational content that covers topics like civil rights anniversaries and how to discuss racial injustice in current events. Each link leads to a complete lesson plan, ready for classroom use!

Black History Month in Middle and High School

This webmix, a collage of tiles that link to separate destinations on the internet, contains dozens of links to more resources for middle and high school classrooms, across several subjects. There are links that highlight African American athletes, scientists, inventors, and musicians.

Black History Month SymbalooEDU Webmix

This webmix is a companion to the previous link, but this one is geared more toward elementary classrooms. It’s no less expansive, though, and it includes links to resources on important figures like Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Frederick Douglass, and Louis Armstrong.

Martin Luther King Jr. Resources

Martin Luther King, Jr. Pinterest Board

This pinterest board includes images, lessons, quizzes, links, and videos all about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy. MLK Day may have happened in January, but he’s a vital figure in the civil rights era and this board can help you design lessons quickly around his historical impact.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lesson Plan

This lesson plan, created by Edmodo user Stella Berdaxagar, includes learning goals, historical background, a biography, a quiz, a timeline, and much more. If you’re looking for a complete lesson plan already focused around Martin Luther King, Jr.’s impact on the United States, you’ll find exactly what you need here.

Historical Era Resources

Jim Crow Laws

The Jim Crow period is certainly not the brightest part of U.S. History, but it’s an important time to help us remember how law can be used to oppress legal citizens. Edmodo Spotlight has several resources on this period, including presentations, worksheets, and music.

Civil Rights Era Resources

The Civil Rights is another vital part of American History, and intersects with many key figures in Black History Month, including Martin Luther King, Jr. Even if you’re not teaching about specific people, these resources can help you cover this important period in your history classroom.

Have you found any valuable resources on Black History Month? What are your plans for integrating it into your teaching this February? Let us know in the comments!

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