Announcing Clear The Air

By Edmodo HR | March 18th, 2019 | No Comments

Share the real danger of vaping with your students with lesson plans and a contest hosted by Edmodo

Whether you’re a student, a parent, or a teacher, we’re here to help you understand the real danger and cost of vaping — and the threat it poses to students in today’s ever-changing world.

That’s why we’re launching Clear the Air on Edmodo.

There are plenty of ads and marketing out there trying to convince you to vape, without telling you what the true consequences are.

Vaping is an unregulated industry, and the danger can come from plenty of unexpected places, like artificial flavoring that’s linked to popcorn lung or poorly-made electronics that can explode in your pocket. Just because something says it’s healthier doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Explore the Clear the Air page and you’ll discover videos with the science behind vaping and links to pages where you can get more information.

But that’s not all…

Announcing Edmodo’s Clear The Air Contest!

Starting March 12th, we’re inviting students to share their strongest message for preventing vaping. This can be an original photo, a collage, a pamphlet, a poster, whatever you want as long as it’s in a JPG or PNG format. Share your story or sentiment about why you and your peers won’t vape, and you could even win a brand new MacBook!

The submission period for the contest starts March 12th and ends on April 30th, 2019. Anyone can vote — so check back often to see submissions and vote for your favorites. Voting will determine our 10 finalists. Edmodo will then select the top 5, who will each win a new MacBook. Due to legal reasons, we can only award laptop prizes to US residents, but students outside the US can still submit an entry to be featured on Edmodo!

Terms and conditions do apply, so make sure you check those before you enter the contest on the Clear the Air page. (Click “Contest” on the left side to see the full rules and submit your image.)

Teachers! Want to clear the air in your classroom?

We’ve put together some lesson materials on Edmodo Spotlight that you can use to show your students the true danger of vaping, especially for teens and youth. Check it out here.

You’ll find links you can add to your Library or share with your students and some materials created or recommended by the Edmodo community!

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