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By Edmodo Staff | May 04th, 2019 | No Comments


Students are more stressed than ever. Hundreds of apps are competing for their attention. Poorly-tuned algorithms are exposing them to ridiculous content. Even their favorite games constantly pressure them into spending money.

Teachers don’t have it any easier, either. They’re competing with those same apps for the attention of students in class and with every assignment they send — while struggling with the stress of a complex career path.

That’s why we decided to create a solution for students who want to empower their learning and teachers who want to bring that attitude to the classroom. That’s why we’ve launched Discover on Edmodo.

Why Students Will Love Discover

In the new Discover space, available both in your desktop browser and on the Edmodo mobile app, students can browse activities, games, news, and more — all created specifically for students with the goal of informing them, empowering them, or helping them practice mindfulness.

Since launching Discover, we’ve added a handful of games we think students will love:

Survivor: See how long you last in this vocabulary endurance game played with real students across the globe.

The Schulte Challenge: Sharpen your focus and memory skills with this quick number-based exercise.

JumpStart Academy Math: Practice and review important math concepts with this new game from JumpStart.

We’ve got more games in development, so check in often to try new games as they launch!

Discover gives students a safe place to learn more about their favorite hobbies, engage with current events, and become empowered learners themselves — without making parents or teachers worry about what students are seeing or playing.

Why Teachers Will Love Discover

Teachers have access to exclusive content on Discover, including not only the games and activities for students, but also valuable collections of resources centered around teaching strategies for topics like SEL.

Discover also features an exclusive partnership with Happy Not Perfect, including free guides on meditation, mindfulness, and reducing stress. Whether you need to take a moment of mindfulness for yourself or share these techniques with your class, you’re equipped to melt the stress away with Discover.

Teachers can even share videos, games, and other activities on Discover directly to their classes. Whether you want students to brush up on their math skills, practice their vocab, or take a brain break with Happy Not Perfect, you can send it to your class with the push of a button.

Interested in learning more about Discover? Try it out for yourself or check out our Help Center article.

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