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Math Games: 5 Takeaways from the Online Gaming Industry that Apply to EdTech

Math Games, an Edmodo Connect app, recently topped EdSurge’s list for Best S’cool Tools of 2015. We had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Kara, CEO and co-founder of TeachMe, Math Games’ parent company. Before creating Math Games, Bill and his partner found success in online gaming. They were drawn to the educational space because they felt digital advancement […]

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Baby Steps: Navigating the Vast World of Educational Technology

The sheer volume of educational technology available to teachers can be daunting. Every new app, website or device advertises that what they offer is all you need to make your classroom environment engaging and fun for your students. As a library media specialist and a teacher in a high school, I see the struggles teachers […]

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A Global Math Challenge For Math-Loving Students

With school swinging into full gear, we know teachers are on the hunt for creative ways to engage students. For math teachers in particular, we have an exciting new activity suitable for any K-12 classroom environment. Edmodo has partnered with Sony Global Education, Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, to bring the Global Math Challenge, […]

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Rewrite How Students Cite With RefME

In the digital age, technology plays a big part in the back-to-school process. Over the past few years, it’s become more than using desktop, laptop, or mobile devices to get work assigned and completed; today, educators need to consider how technology can help them teach, as well as which tools and platforms to use with […]

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EdmodoCon 2015 Wrap-Up: Express Yourself and Let Your Successes Shine

Thanks to our global community of education superheroes, we just completed another successful EdmodoCon! With nine sessions and over nine hours of free professional development, we look forward to seeing how you supercharge your classrooms in the weeks and months ahead. Product News & Updates To add to the countless ideas highlighted by our presenters […]

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Is Parental Involvement Important to Student Learning? Edmodo Teachers Say, “Yes!”

Eighth grade teacher Lynn Woods of Virginia Beach believes that preparing students for the future involves arming them not only with the technology skills they’ll need, but also the critical thinking that will help them make the sound, moral life decisions required of adults. She works hard to expand her students’ learning horizons, and she […]

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Help Students Position Themselves Today for a Successful Tomorrow

High school teachers and counselors are involved in vital work: preparing students for college and adult life. But with all the pressure to deliver lessons that meet Common Core and state standards, ensure students have the courses they need to graduate and be eligible for college, and stay on top of administrative responsibilities, it’s hard […]

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Top 5 Edmodo Connect Apps for iPad

To save valuable time in the classroom, Edmodo Connect allows teachers and students to log in to third-party website and mobile apps using their Edmodo credentials. This lets everyone in class access multiple sources of content quickly and easily with a single username and password, eliminating the need to manage a number of online account […]

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Get Free Common Core Resources in a Snap

If you’re using Edmodo Snapshot, you already know how easy it is to assess and gather student data on Common Core progress. Looking for a quick way to find relevant, standards-aligned resources that can help you close learning gaps? The search is over. With a new Resource Recommendations feature, you can now use Snapshot to […]

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Top 5 Math and ELA-Based Apps

Yesterday, we introduced you to five creativity-based apps perfect for back-to-school. Today, we’d like to share five more, to supplement your Common Core lessons plans. Available on the Edmodo Store, each of the following apps is focused on Math or ELA, and helps make learning personal and fun—some are even games that students will never […]

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Top 5 Creativity Apps for Your Classroom

You know the power of Edmodo for streamlining student assignments and simplifying teaching with technology. Power up your lesson plans even further and ignite your students’ imaginations with these creativity-based apps from the Edmodo Store: 5. eduCanon Interactive Video Great for video lessons, gauging comprehension Price: Free Embed questions into online videos and transform content into an […]

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Support Tip of the Week: Discover Where Your Students Stand in a Snap

It’s a new school year, and even if you have brand new students, Edmodo is here to help you to start the year knowing exactly where your students stand on Common Core and other state standards. A pre-assessment at the beginning of a school, semester, or unit year paves the way for you to deliver […]

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Design New Ways to Spark Student Creativity With Tackk

Aside from being a teacher for five years for the School District of Philadelphia, most recently at Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade, I’m a husband, father, veteran, coach, and Scout Leader. On a flight from Philadelphia to Florida, I saw an advertorial in my in-flight magazine for Tackk, a free way to create web pages […]

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Download the Redesigned Edmodo iPhone App

Looking for a way to use Edmodo on the go? Get the latest version of the Edmodo iPhone app, now available on iTunes. When you make mobile part of your back-to-school planning, you open up a world of digital possibilities that enable you to engage students in the classroom and out of it. The updated […]

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EdmodoCon 2014 Wrap-Up: iPhone App Makeover, Avatars, and Edmodo Shop

Phew—what a day! Over 44,000 people registered for this year’s EdmodoCon and thanks to our presenters and attendees from around the world, so many amazing ideas were shared. To add to the excitement, Edmodo Co-founder Nic Borg announced some of the great things we’re launching for you this school year, including: A redesigned iPhone app. […]

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Snapshot Can Now Make Schools and Districts Anything But Standard

When Edmodo Snapshot was released in April, it was designed with smart quizzes and instant analytics to give you a way to regularly gauge student progress on Common Core, TEKS, SOL, and other state standards. To help give your classroom efforts support at the school and district level, Edmodo is now releasing Snapshot for Schools, […]

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Webinar Rewind: Creating a Blended Elementary Classroom with Edmodo

The flipped-classroom creates a personalized brand of learning that excites and engages students in ways traditional homework never could. In her 2nd grade classroom, Sarah Eaton ignites a desire to learn by providing her students with polls, apps downloaded from the Edmodo Store, and other activities meant to extend learning in and outside of her […]

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Kindness Matters: Writing with StoryLines Pages & Edmodo

This is a guest post from Sandy McConnell, a 5th grade teacher at Bagby Elementary. Originally published on Mrs. McConnell’s Blog, she shares her perspective of StoryLines, an app recently developed and released by Edmodo. Want to see yourself on the Edmodo Blog? Submit your story. I co-teach a class of 36 fifth graders with Sheila Monger, our inclusive […]

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iPad App Gets New Functionality, New Features

Inspired by your feedback, an updated version of our iPad app is now available. Faster and more intuitive, the latest upgrade was created to include some of your favorite features in the web version of Edmodo: Better Group Navigation. Access all your Groups, all on the same screen. Tapping on the Groups tab lets you […]

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Make Summer a Page Turner With Reward-Based Reading Program

As a teacher, it’s fun to see how kids form and share their thoughts when discovering new things about the world. To help keep them engaged and expressive while school’s out, Edmodo is partnering with the DOGObooks Summer Reading program. Participation is free and, even better, it’s rewarding! For every three books students review, they’ll […]

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Introducing Snapshot: A Brand New Tool to Help Mold Common Core to Your Standards

You became a teacher to instill a love of learning, but with standardized testing and the launch of Common Core, it can feel like your job is becoming all about statistics. Because your students are what really matter, we created Edmodo Snapshot: a free micro-assessment tool that lets you focus on teaching (not tracking). Designed […]

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Three Kindergarten-Sized Approaches to Edmodo

Today is Kindergarten Day, honoring the birthday of Friedrich Froebe, who impacted education in innumerable ways after founding the first kindergarten in 1837. While Edmodo is the number one social learning platform for K-12 education, we recently met some kindergarten teachers who wondered whether it’s too advanced for their students. The answer, of course, is a […]

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Unleash the Power of Positivity With StoryLines Pages

Looking for a great end-of-year activity for your classroom? With the new StoryLines Pages app on Edmodo, you can teach students to give and receive one of life’s best skills: positive reinforcement. Inspired by the story All Good Things by Sister Helen Mrosla, StoryLines Pages is a collaborative classroom activity where students learn the power […]

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CK-12 Launches Free Math and Science Practice Apps on Edmodo

We know how time consuming it can be to find high quality, standards-aligned content and grade quizzes individually. CK-12’s new Math and Science Practice Apps help you do both in just a few clicks! Integrated with Edmodo, you can assign standards-aligned math and science practice to any of your Edmodo groups; once students turn in their […]

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Connect to Third-Party Apps With Edmodo

We’re excited to announce Edmodo Connect, a new feature that lets you log in to your favorite educational content with your Edmodo username and password. What does this mean? No more creating multiple accounts across apps or websites, filling out long sign up forms, entering the same information over and over, or managing (and remembering) […]

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Edmodo Apps Now Optimized for iPad

Since more mobile devices are being used in the classroom than ever before, we’ve updated our iPad app to create a mobile-friendly app experience for you and your students. We’ve also asked our partners to update their apps. Now, when you browse the Edmodo Store with Edmodo for iPad, you’ll see that many apps have […]

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Celebrating Black History Month on Edmodo

Since 1976, the U.S. has honored the history of African Americans by celebrating Black History Month and encouraging coordinated teaching across schools. Looking for new ways to create engaging Black History Month lessons across subjects and grade levels? Here are some ideas you can implement using Edmodo: Black Art History. Have students choose and research […]

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Introducing Our New Developer Website

The Edmodo Apps team works with numerous publishers and developers to bring the best educational apps to Edmodo. To better serve these partners, we’ve created and launched a new website full of the tools they need to better serve you. New and Updated Resources A centralized location where interested third parties can learn more about […]

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Premium Edmodo Apps Go International

Educators around the world have long been asking for full access to all the apps available in our Edmodo Store. Today at BETT 2014, the world’s leading global learning technology event, we announced that the Edmodo Store is going on the virtual road and making premium apps available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United […]

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Top 13 of 2013: The Year in Edmodo Apps

It’s been a year since the Edmodo Store was made available to all US-based teachers, and over the past twelve months, we’ve added more than 500 apps! From interactive educational games, to content creation tools and Common Core apps, there’s something for every grade level and subject area. To commemorate the anniversary of the Edmodo […]

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Gamify the Hour of Code and Collaborate with Edmodo

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Bobby Lewis, a Computer Business teacher at Feagin Mill Middle School in Warner Robins, Georgia, who’s using the LearnStreet app on Edmodo to host a competition between his five classes. The app provides a large library of coding courses and projects […]

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Webinar Rewind: Coding Made Easy With LearnStreet & Edmodo

Five months ago, Code.org came up with the idea to get millions of students to try one hour of computer science. This week, it’s became a reality and we hosted a special webinar with our friends at LearnStreet: Coding Made Easy. Using LearnStreet’s special Hour of Code app, available for free in the Edmodo Store, […]

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Comprehending the Common Core with Snappiness

With the Common Core being rolled out to the school district, it’s become a priority to find material to help my fourth grade class align to its standards. For reading comprehension in particular, it’s not only important to adopt something that holds the interest of students, but is also easy to incorporate into the current […]

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Turn History into Art with Storyboard That!

How can you turn complex topics into lessons students enjoy? Creativity and flexibility. When students are empowered to use their imaginations to convey understanding, teachers tap into multiple student skill sets that lead to an increase in engagement and retention. As an eigth grade Civics and Economics teacher, I understand the importance of simplifying a […]

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Make Coding Fun for Students with LearnStreet

What do Edmodo, Twitter, Instagram, and even this blog have in common? Computer code. Considered one of the most important skills of the 21st century, coding can be difficult to teach in the high school classroom; complicated coding concepts often present challenges to engaging students and encouraging classroom interaction. A technology teacher for 15 years, […]

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5 Ways to Use Audioboo in Your Classroom

This is a guest post by Matt Bergman, a teacher at the Milton Hershey School (Hershey, PA) who works with students living in poverty. He is the co-course designer of Regional Training Center’s (PA, MD, and NJ) graduate course on Universal Design for Learning. Matt is passionate about sharing his educational technology and Universal Design […]

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4 New Edmodo Apps Launch at ISTE

The Edmodo team is here at ISTE this week and today we’re excited to introduce four new partners launching Edmodo apps! Check out the following Apps now available in the Edmodo Store. If you’re at ISTE, be sure to stop by our booth (7196) to learn more about these apps and win free Edmodo Store credit! […]

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Summer Reading on Edmodo – Win Free Books For Your School Library

Looking for a creative way to encourage your students to read this summer? DOGOBooks is offering a free Summer Reading program through Edmodo! About the Program The Summer Reading program is designed to help students keep up their reading skills, and continue developing their critical thinking and writing skills by writing reviews and sharing their opinion with peers. […]

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New! Sign up For Edmodo Apps Professional Development

We’re excited to announce a new professional development program centered around Edmodo Apps! Program Overview Edmodo Apps Professional Development is designed to help you find new and exciting ways to use high quality digital content as everyday tools in your classroom. Purchase now for $99 and get: Edmodo Apps instructional video that will help you learn […]

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3 Flashcard Apps to Prepare for Spring Assessments

Spring assessments are just around the corner for many US schools. To prepare your students, we’ve compiled a list of  flashcard apps from the Edmodo Store that provide a fun and effective way to study. Explore the following and share your favorite flashcard apps in the comments below! Flashcards by Flatter World A social flashcard application […]

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Using Pixton and GoAnimate! Apps to Teach Digital Citizenship

This post is part of our Edmodo Spotlight series which highlights Edmodo teachers, schools and districts. If you are interested in being featured, please complete this form. Kim Reynolds is a CTE instructor with the ACYR Center of Excellence. Storing Content to Keep Consistency Edmodo provides consistency in teaching subjects from year to year. We don’t have have […]

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Teacher Cary Fields Shares the Power of Edmodo at Parent Conferences

This post is part of our Edmodo Spotlight series which highlights Edmodo teachers, schools and districts. If you are interested in being featured, please complete this form. Cary Fields is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Castle Dome Middle School in Yuma, Arizona. Connect with Cary on Edmodo or follow her @techeteacher! Making the Decision […]

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Edmodo App “Subtext” Helps Language Arts Teachers With Common Core Alignment [Video]

This post is part of our Edmodo Spotlight series which highlights Edmodo teachers, schools and districts. If you are interested in being featured, please complete this form. Melinda Pierce is an 8th grade English teacher at Palm Beach Schools. Figurative Language is Fun, Oh My!  Melinda Pierce created a video and slide presentation of how she’s […]

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Edmodo Apps for MLK Day and Black History Month

On Monday, many classrooms around the U.S. will be commemorating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. We’ve pulled together a great list of Edmodo Apps to help engage students around the influential Dr. King, as well as apps you can use for Black History Month. If you have any resources or apps you’d like to share, […]

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NoRedInk Wins Innovation Challenge; Launches Free Edmodo App

Exciting news from Education Nation this morning as NoRedInk, coached by Edmodo COO Crystal Hutter, won the 2012 Citi Innovation Challenge. The challenge features three teams of young innovators from around the U.S. who compete in a series of trials. NoRedInk was recognized as the team with the best solution for improving education and was awarded $75,000 in this morning’s pitch competition […]

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Edmodo COO Selected as Mentor for Citi Innovation Challenge

We are excited to share that Edmodo’s Chief Operating Officer Crystal Hutter has been named as a mentor for the second-annual “Citi Innovation Challenge” at this year’s Education Nation Summit. The challenge features three teams of young innovators from around the U.S. in a series of trials, culminating in a pitch competition at the 2012 Summit. As a […]

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Edmodo Platform Open to Third Party Developers

As announced earlier this week, we wanted to share with you the news that we are opening the Edmodo platform to allow third-party publishers and developers to create educational apps that integrate directly with Edmodo.  Apps built for the Edmodo platform will be available to teachers across the US for the 2012-2013 school year. On […]

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Show and Tell: Pixton for Schools

When most of us were in school, the definition of an ‘attentive classroom’ meant rows of desks with students sitting up straight in absolute silence while the teacher delivered a lecture in front of the chalkboard.  In fact, the greatest compliment a class could receive was passing the dreaded “Can I hear a Pin Drop?” […]

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