Clear The Air Contest Winners

By Edmodo HR | May 22nd, 2019 | No Comments

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See some amazing student art and find out who won the top spot!

There were so many amazing entries that we had to take a little extra time to evaluate them all! But after a lot of discussion and debate, the dust has settled and the finalists have been chosen! The top 5 entries in the US have all been selected for prizes, and we’d like to present the top 10 entries overall:

Not Just Water Vapor
Olivia, 16

Different, But The Same
Fiona, 17

Don’t Bite The Bait!
Arwen, 13

Don’t Vape!
Ximena, 18

Don’t Let Vaping Take Hold
Linda, 14

Learning the Truth is the Solution
Diana, 18

Don’t Fade Away
Arianna, 17

Emily, 16

A Single Vape Is A Risk To Take
Hannah, 15

Yasmin, 17

Thanks to all of the winners and to everyone who shared their vaping prevention art with us through the contest. We were truly amazed by the amount and the quality of these submissions, with some pretty heated debate over the winners. We’ll be in touch with the winners about your prizes, and until next time: Help stop the vaping health crisis and clear the air!



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