Cross-Curricular Literacy #EdmodoChat

By Edmodo HR | April 20th, 2018 | No Comments

On March 18th, hundreds of educators joined Edmodo and ThinkCERCA to discuss how to incorporate literacy across curriculum.

Things started off with a quick icebreaker from Edmodo Ambassador Christi Collins.

Then, ThinkCERCA followed up the icebreaker with a discussion of how teachers can adopt a cross-curricular approach in as many subjects as possible to help students prepare for the future.

Later in the chat, teachers shared strategies to help develop media literacy skills and why they’re becoming more important by the day for students.

After that, the discussion turned to the right tools for literacy and how to approach the topic of collaboration with other teachers.

As the chat drew to a close, we wanted to thank ThinkCERCA and Christi Collins for their time moderating the discussion and providing excellent commentary.

To see the full chat, check out the Twitter Moment below.

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