Crunch Time! 10 Tips on Using Edmodo for Test Review

By Guest Author | December 08th, 2017 | No Comments

Edmodian Hsuanwei Fan gives you quick and easy tips on how you can use Edmodo to simplify your exam reviews.

It’s exam season! Before we can get to that wonderful holiday break, both students and teachers have to endure the dreaded final exam. Thankfully, Edmodo Teacher Advocate Hsuanwei Fan has put together 10 quick tips on how teachers can use Edmodo to streamline exam review and make sure students are prepared for their tests.

  1. Create and share Folders with your Class and fill them up with the PowerPoint presentations, guided notes, and other materials students may want to access while studying for their exams.
  2. Create practice Quizzes using Edmodo’s automatically-graded Quiz feature. Students get instant feedback and can quickly learn which areas they need more practice with. You can also choose to either include or exclude this Quiz score in the Progress Book on Edmodo! (Bonus: check out the pie graphs that are generated automatically based on how frequently students miss a question in your Quiz Overview page. This can help you decide which concepts to review in Class!)
  3. Find or create vocabulary and concept study sets on Quizlet. Then, either post the link as a Note for students to access and study on their own, or create an official Assignment on Edmodo. Then, ask students to submit a screenshot of their score on the “practice test” portion of the Quizlet study set. (Bonus: set up an in-class competition to see which student can get the best score on Quizlet’s study games)
  4. Create differentiated small groups of “study buddies” that allow students to ask and answer each other’s questions under the Teacher’s moderation. This can happen in the Classroom and continue even when students go home. (Bonus: create and award badges to the students in each small group who were the most eager to help their classmates.)
  5. Host an official “Office Hour” online during which students can post any question they have about the upcoming test as a reply on your post, and answer them in real-time via Edmodo’s threaded comments and replies. (Bonus: invite some of your students to act as TAs or Co-Teachers and help you reply!)
  6. Post a link to the relevant Socratic topic and encourage your students to find verified answers to many of their most frequently asked academic questions.
  7. Post links to the Khan Academy videos that cover the topics your students may want to review prior to the test.
  8. Create guided videos that contain pauses for checks for understanding through PlayPosit or EdPuzzle, and post the links in your Edmodo Class.
  9. Find or create a Kahoot that covers the topic you want to review, and post the Challenge link in your Edmodo Class so students can practice as homework!
  10. Post a message of encouragement, share test-prep strategies with students, or remind your students to get a good night of sleep before their big day!

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