Edmodo Ambassadors of the Year 2016

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We’re excited to announce our ambassadors of the Year for 2016! Edmodo Ambassadors have a hugely valuable role in the Edmodo community, from translating text to testing new features, and we’re extremely thankful for their contributions. We’d like to take a moment to single out some specific Ambassadors who’ve done incredible work in 2016 and honor them with the Ambassador of the Year awards.

These six Ambassadors have gone above and beyond in their communities. You may recognize a few of them! Thank you all for your contributions and your inspiration.

Ambassadors of the Year 2016

U.S. Ambassador of the Year: Karen Finklestein

International Ambassador of the Year: Stella Berdaxagar

U.S. Edmodo Certified Trainer of the Year: Cristin Miller

International Edmodo Certified Trainer of the Year: Alejandro Garcia

Luminary of the Year: Mariana Garcia-Serrato
The Luminary of the Year award went to the individual that both contributed and reviewed the most high-quality content to Spotlight.

Rookie of the Year: Michelle Touceda
The Rookie of the Year award was awarded to the individual that joined the Teacher Leader Network in 2016 that was the most engaged across all of the previously mentioned areas of engagement.

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