Edmodo Announces Partnership with IBM to Close the Learning Gap

By Edmodo HR | June 26th, 2018 | No Comments

We’re working with IBM Watson Education to create the smartest AND largest learning network in the world.

At Edmodo, we’re always looking for the best ways to connect both students and teachers with the resources and experts they need to improve learning outcomes. And we know that teachers already have a hard enough job without being asked to personalize learning for each student’s individual needs. When teachers reach over 100 students in a single day, it can feel like it’s impossible to find out what each student’s learning rate is, let alone personalize their teaching to help each individual student.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new collaboration with IBM Watson Education.

Today at ISTE, Edmodo announced that we’ll be working with IBM to create individualized tools for educators to address each student’s needs.

Most students graduate with gaps in their education despite the best efforts of teachers and curriculum designers. IBM Watson Education is focusing on developing technology that can identify these learning gaps in students across the world. Edmodo is continually building technology that identifies resources that will help fill those gaps and deliver them to teachers and students in seamless ways. With this partnership, we’re aiming to reduce the number and size of those learning gaps and, with luck, even remove them entirely.

Photo by Victoria Kure-Wu on  Unsplash

Together, we want to give teachers the power to not only fill these gaps but save them precious time while doing so.

When discussing the possibilities of machine learning and its impact in the education space, Chalapathy Neti, Vice President of IBM Watson Education shared a similar sentiment:

AI has the potential to help close the learning gap and to equalize opportunity regardless of student-teacher ratio, school budget or lack of resources. All students benefit from an education that is tailored to their strengths and learning patterns. With Watson Education and our new collaborations…we are making strides toward creating a more personalized learning experience that is catered to each individual student. Together with our growing ecosystem of education partners, we look forward to cultivating an environment for life-long learners to grow, succeed and overcome challenges of all shapes and size.

In the same vein, Edmodo’s own CEO Vibhu Mittal echoed the ability for technology to assist teachers in their goal of personalized learning:

With the right learning gaps identified, teachers finally have the starting point they need in order to address the individual needs of students in their classrooms. Rather than languishing over the “what”, they can move on to the “how” of personalizing learning, and with Edmodo’s recommended content system, we can help teachers find the right resources for each individual need.

So what’s next? Edmodo and IBM Watson Education are just getting started, so we’ll share more news on the partnership in the coming months. No matter what shape it takes, we’re eager to help teachers close the learning gap faster than ever.

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