EdmodoCon 2020 Global High 5s: Season 1 in Review

By Miriam Psychas | September 04th, 2020 | No Comments

EdmodoCon 2020 Global High 5s Season 1 in Review

The first season of EdmodoCon Global High 5s: A PD Video Series ended with a bang!

This week, we released the fifth and final episode of Season 1 of  EdmodoCon 2020 Global High 5s: A PD video seriesThe season boasted five videos by educators from five different countries, covering a wide range of topics designed to inspire Edmodo teachers with ideas for how to approach distance learning in the new school year. Here is a quick recap of each episode: 

Episode 1: Adjusting to the New Normal

The season kicked off in the sunny Bahamas, where Ernesta Rodriques offered us tips to adapt our teaching to these times. In her video “Adjusting to the New Normal,” Ernesta discusses the challenges posed to teachers by the pandemic, and the way she was able to reimagine her teaching to better suit new modes of learning. She taught us to “be versatile,” “be concise,” and “be available” and explained the most important digital tools she began to employ to create a dynamic virtual classroom. 

Episode 2: Flipping & Expanding the English Language Classroom through Edmodo

From there, we headed to Brazil for Episode 2, where Valeska Favoretti Serafim taught us about “Flipping and Expanding the English Language Classroom through Edmodo”. Valeska guided us through the basics of blended learning and her research on opportunities for rich learning allowed by this method.

Episode 3: Empowering Learners for Online Learning

Malaysian educator Rozlianah Fitri Said had the spotlight for Episode 3. In her video, Rozlianah covered the essential topic of “Empowering Learners for Online Learning.” She offered various techniques for creating a learning community, building an inclusive environment, and getting students excited about learning in online environments.

Episode 4: Project-Based Learning Using Edmodo

Yoann Danion from Albania inspired us to incorporate “Project-Based Learning Using Edmodo” in our classrooms. In his video, Yoann discussed the basics of this type of learning, how it supports students’ research and critical thinking skills, and pushes learners to become more engaged, reflective, and collaborative. 

Episode 5: The Value of an Interactive Video in the Classroom

Season 1 ended with a video from Milica Vukadin in Serbia. In her video, “The Value of an Interactive Video in the Classroom and How to Create It,” Milica focused on the importance of video creation as an essential component of distance learning, and then offered tips on how to make videos successful and appropriate for your students’ grade level. 

What a fun run! It has been exciting to witness how teachers from around the world have come together in the spirit of collaboration and mutual support that so defines the Edmodo Community! 

If you missed some episodes, don’t worry! All of the videos are available on Edmodo’s YouTube channel. As you watch each video, don’t forget to complete the EdmodoCon Season 1 PD course. After successfully completing the five modules, you will receive a certificate for your efforts.

We are grateful to the speakers who participated and all the educators who shared, commented, and liked their videos! 

That’s a wrap! 🎉

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