EdmodoCon Speaker Spotlight: Hatem Radwan

By Edmodo HR | July 12th, 2018 | No Comments

Find out how Hatem supports his fellow educators before you see him live at EdmodoCon!

On August 7th, Edmodo Ambassador Hatem Radwan will be presenting his talk “Effective Learning in the Digital Age” at EdmodoCon 2018! (Don’t forget to sign up!) To help create a more successful community for teachers everywhere, we asked him a few questions about how he supports his fellow teachers.

What’s your favorite way to support other teachers?

My favorite way to support other teachers is reflecting on their work and sharing all the effective ideas and resources they might need in their planning. Reflection is very important to improve other teachers’ work. It might happen through a peer visit, or just through over viewing planning and instructional strategies. In addition, I keep them updated with all the workshops and conferences that might help them learn more and improve.

What’s one thing you wish every teacher knew?

In order to be successful, a teacher needs to put himself or herself in the shoes of the students. It is very important for teachers to understand their students and know their needs.

“A teacher needs to put himself or herself in the shoes of the students.”

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve overcome with the support of your school community?

Supporting SEN students and raising their academic level.

What’s your favorite resource on Edmodo?

Spotlight is my favorite place to find resources on Edmodo. It is growing with a lot of topics and material added every day. In addition to Spotlight, I get resources from the Edmodo users following the Science topic. I always get responses to my questions in that group.

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