EdmodoCon Speaker Spotlight: Paola Cardona

By Edmodo HR | June 11th, 2018 | No Comments

Find out how Paola supports her fellow teachers before you see her live at EdmodoCon!

On August 7th, Paola Cardona will be presenting her talk “A New Way to Flip In and Out of the Classroom” at EdmodoCon 2018! (Don’t forget to sign up!) We asked her a few questions about how she supports other teachers and we wanted to share those insightful answers with you.

What’s your favorite way to support other teachers?

Apart from the trainings I have with new teachers, I like sitting down with them and answering their questions or demonstrating different ways to use Edmodo’s features.

What’s one thing you wish every teacher knew?

I wish every teacher knew Spotlight is easier to use than they normally think. Also, that features like sketchpad, the direct link to OneDrive/Google Drive, and many others are available to make things easier. That is why I try to have them use some of these features in the trainings.

“I wish every teacher knew Spotlight is easier to use than they normally think.”

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve overcome with the support of your school community?

Having teachers who are not tech-savvy use Edmodo. Sometimes teachers are reluctant because they picture Edmodo as a social network like Facebook, and because they are not very familiar with technology.

What’s your favorite resource on Edmodo?

As a core feature, I really like the quizzes we can create. In terms of Spotlight, this is by far the best resource I have found.

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