EdmodoCon Speaker Spotlight: Urmi Chakravorty

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Find out how Prof. Chakravorty supports her fellow educators before you see her live at EdmodoCon!

On August 7th, Professor Urmi Chakravorty will be presenting her talk “Teaching to the Whole Child: Add Fun and Creativity Back Into the Classroom” at EdmodoCon 2018! (Don’t forget to sign up!) In the spirit of supporting the success of teachers everywhere, she gave us some enlightening responses to a few questions we posed to speakers.

What’s your favorite way to support other teachers?

There are days when we just can’t recapture our enthusiasm for teaching, or have to cover a topic for the millionth time, or are struggling with a class that just doesn’t seem to get it. When our colleagues are in a similar place, it’s as contagious as a virus — and that can bring down even the most enthusiastic instructor. Such a diverse load of responsibilities to juggle can be wearisome. So I love supporting my fellow colleagues by teaching as a team (team-teaching) by taking over in your area of strength. This helps them use my ideas of engaging a class and being student-friendly. I’ve found that it makes a lot of difference. Edmodo links have been of fabulous help in such cases. Take a screenshot and share with them via various mediums or just share through your Edmodo Library.

“How many classrooms are currently designed with one learning style in mind?”

What’s one thing you wish every teacher knew?

“Students Learn Differently.” It may seem obnoxiously obvious, but how many classrooms are currently designed with one learning style in mind? Worksheets and workbooks work well for students who absorb knowledge visually, but for a child who needs to hear the information in order to grasp it, traditional methods of teaching force him or her to use a physical sense that is not as well-developed. The visual learner doesn’t have the same opportunity to stretch his or her other senses. If a teacher comes to the classroom with the basic knowledge that students learn differently, they will be better equipped to arrange the lessons in such a way that all senses are activated. By this I mean more of a practical and activity-based classroom.

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve overcome with the support of your school community?

The greatest challenge was to train everyone in a limited period of time and make them interview ready so quickly. But then the college was humble enough to let us take various workshops at a stretch to cover various topics which we could not cover in classrooms.

What’s your favorite resource on Edmodo?

Although the list is endless, as I love the entire idea of connecting via the Edmodo app anywhere in any area, even by the mobile, my all time favorite resource has been Words with Friends EDU which helps students play while they learn new words for academic use. These kind of creative resources are always my fav.

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