Edmodo’s Best Classroom Features For 2017

By Guest Author | July 21st, 2017 | No Comments

Edmodo makes all your school communications easier. Our classroom experience is one of the reasons teachers rely on Edmodo year after year. Edmodo’s communications tools allow students to engage in social learning, in a way that empowers all students to speak up more often, giving everyone a voice. Teachers who use Edmodo engage more students, reach more parents, and get everyone more involved.

And this year, we’re making it even better!


We’re introducing a brand new Assignment Center to help you engage more and teach more:

  • Read Receipts to see which of your students have actually looked at the assignment (and which ones are just making excuses 😏 ).
  • An all-new grading sidebar for faster grading when using Office Online for your Edmodo Assignments.
  • Set up your grading periods with one click in the new Progress Book.
  • Solve the problem of lost work for students with automatically-saved drafts.

There are a lot of edtech tools out there, and Edmodo makes it easy to share these tools and resources with students. Two tools that work great with Edmodo are Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Office Online. We’ve got some exciting new ways to use these applications with Edmodo.

Earlier this year, we debuted a brand new feature for Assignments, allowing teachers to instantly create a new Google or Office document for each student that’s a copy of the original assignment. Plus, you can choose any Google or Office document from your Google Drive or OneDrive. And best of all, your students can turn in their Assignments directly from Office Online or Google Drive!

Also new: Direct messaging between teachers, students and parents! Teachers can quickly and easily communicate with students and other teachers, with parents coming soon.

To take advantage of all these new features, get your class ready for the new school year:

  1. Copy a class group from previous years or create a new one.
  2. Connect your Google Drive or OneDrive and set up your first couple of assignments.

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