Five Classroom Resources for National Poetry Month

By Edmodo HR | March 23rd, 2017 | No Comments

April is National Poetry Month! Poetry has long been a backbone of Language and Literature classes everywhere, and we want to celebrate by sharing some of our favorite Spotlight resources with you! Have a look at our top five classroom resources for National Poetry Month:

10 Apps for Creating Poetry on an iPad

If you’ve got an iPad in your classroom, this list of 10 apps can help you figure out the perfect fit for helping students craft poems. Some helpful inclusions on the list are standard tools like rhyming dictionaries, but there are also apps that can help create visuals for poems and collages too. Take a look.

National Poetry Month Resources

This Edutopia resource submitted by Brad Bielawski contains dozens of links, including poetry lesson plans, online activities and selected public domain poems you can use in your classroom. If you look closely you might find one of our older blog posts on there! Take a look.

Poetry Atlas

This site is essentially a world map with poems pinned to specific locations. You can find hundreds of poems in America alone, but don’t forget to check out Europe, Asia and Africa. If you’re looking to add some geography to your literature class or vice versa, the Poetry Atlas is a fast, easy way to collect some location-centric poems. Take a look.

9 Mobile Apps for Poetry Month

Another list of apps and another Edutopia link, this list includes even more apps, each of them different from the apps in the previous entry. This list also includes android apps like Theme Poems, The Poetry Foundation, and Diamante Poems. If you’re looking for a unique take on homework or some in-class group work, there are some quality candidates here. Take a look .

Poetry Open Mic

This video covers a fantastic lesson plan idea: Holding your own Poetry Open Mic day in your classroom. You can teach the basics of poetry in a lecture and then invite students to share their favorite poems or poems they write for homework. The video itself is a great story as well! Take a look.

Do you have any plans for National Poetry Month? Feel free to share in the comments!

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