Five Student Stories to Brighten Your Day

By Edmodo HR | May 03rd, 2018 | No Comments

We asked students to share their most inspiring stories from the school year and were amazed by the response.

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It’s been a long school year. Not just for teachers, but for students too. Educators and students alike have been pushing for reforms on a national scale in a nation that’s becoming increasingly vocal about its concerns. And yet despite all these changes, students are still going to class, growing up, and learning the skills they need to succeed.

We asked some of the students in the Edmodo community to share the most inspiring moments from the last school year, and we were blown away by the responses. From the serendipity of discovering a love for a new subject to hard work and determination needed to make it through the year, we found these stories uplifting and heartwarming. And we’re delighted to share them with you.

A Performance to Remember

On French Day, all of us succeeded in performing the French version of Pitch Perfect. When the whole class stood on stage for the final performance, I could feel my heart bloom with an overwhelming happiness. A few lecturers that taught our class also came at our invitation. It was bittersweet: To finally end this hectic semester, but at the same time having to part with these amazing people.


How Far I’ve Come

I have struggled with walking, talking and other similar activities. I’m disabled and have been without any help since it’s only been recently discovered. Obviously the only way I have been okay is because I’ve adapted to it. I have spent the majority of my life getting frustrated and angry at myself as I can’t do things as easily as my peers. It has been a difficult year but I am proud as to how far I’ve come.


Try Anyway

I do woodwork and basically I made an airplane completely out of wood. So the moral of the story is even if you are skeptical that what you are making in a practical subject will not work, try it anyway. It is okay to ask your teacher for help and you will be really proud of what you have made.


Volts, Amps and Ohms

One day in my AP Physics 1 class, we began our Electricity Unit with a class experiment using a Van De Graaf generator to explore how electricity interacts with humans. This was inspiring for me because it was a unit I was looking forward to, as a result of my interest in wanting a career in Electrical Technology/Engineering.


A Musical Endeavor

Through the course of September of Freshmen year to February of Sophomore year I have been working on my debut album, “Don’t Be Afraid To Color Outside the Lines”. This album consisted of songs, written and composed by me, that talked about the personal experiences I have gone through with the struggle of anxiety. This school has really inspired me to express myself more and has motivated me to release the album. If you’d like to listen to it, it’s available on streaming services!


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