Flipped Learning #EdmodoChat

By Edmodo HR | April 24th, 2018 | No Comments

For April’s first #EdmodoChat, WiseWire and Kate Baker joined us for a discussion about Flipping the Classroom.

Kate Baker started the conversation with a quick icebreaker.

After that, WiseWire posed the question: What does it mean to flip your classroom? How do you even define flipped learning?

After that, the discussion turned to personal experiences that teachers had with flipping their own classrooms.

With the how of flipped learning taken care of, discussion turned to the why. Why should teachers flip their classrooms anyway?

One added benefit of flipping the classroom is how it makes project-based learning (PBL) easier.

The last questions asked teachers about their favorite tools and managing a flipped classroom.

As the chat came to an end, we wanted to thank WiseWire and Kate Baker for moderating the discussion and providing resources.

Don’t forget to check out the full twitter moment below!

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