Have the Most Productive Year Ever on Edmodo

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It’s easy to casually mention that you’re planning on being “more productive” in the new year, but actually being more productive is a different story. We’ve already mentioned some tips on how to practice self-care as a teacher, but you can use Edmodo itself to save time and your sanity.

Check out a couple features that we’ve introduced that should make your life on Edmodo easier.

Check Out the Upgraded Assignment Tracker

We’ve updated the Assignment Tracker so that it’s easier to see all your students’ submissions, and which students have turned the assignment in.

Then, you can use this information to send messages to students (or their parents) who haven’t turned in the assignment. You can also annotate assignments directly from Edmodo without having to download any additional software.

Get More Out of Google Drive/Office Online Integration

Last year, Edmodo was able to integrate both Google Drive and Office Online straight into the desktop site and mobile app, which means less time spent on tracking down assignments from students and no compatibility problems.

Best of all, it only takes one sign-in from your Google or Microsoft account to activate the integration, and you can use both simultaneously!

You don’t need to use every new feature on Edmodo to have a productive year, though. There are plenty of resources available on Edmodo Spotlight to help you reach that goal.

Expand Your Professional Development

Have a look at Project Based Learning (PBL): Explained, which is a video that provides a breakdown of PBL elements and shows you how you can use 21st Century technology to give students modern competencies like collaboration and critical thinking. You can use this video just for your own development or share it with other teachers and admins who ask “What is PBL?”

Push Technology Skills

This ten-minute video on creating an interactive presentation in google slides will show you how to use hyperlinks that lead to other slides in the presentation in order to create interactive lessons without having to learn more complicated tools. You can use these either as an interactive discussion while lecturing in class or as short, engaging learning materials in a flipped classroom.

Inform Yourself and Your Colleagues About Digital Citizenship

If you’re looking for more resources to share with colleagues that Digital Citizenship is an important element of education in the 21st Century, have a look at this Digital Citizenship Interactive Poster. Created in Thinglink, the poster gives a visual guide to several different resources to help foster a conversation around Digital Citizenship in the classroom.

That’s just a few starting points for having a more productive year on Edmodo, but if you have any other plans, feel free to share them in the comments!

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