Hazy On Homework? Parents Speak Out On Staying In The Know.

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Hazy On Homework? Parents Speak Out On Staying In The Know.

As the debate continues on exactly how much homework to give students, the fact remains that homework isn’t going away. Your child will still be coming home with plenty of assignments and you may not even realize how much homework they have! This can create some real issues for your child and their grades, both short-term and later in their academic life. Research shows that parental involvement in homework is a huge factor in a child’s success. As a U.S. Department of Education publication points out:

“Research also shows that parent involvement can have either a positive or negative impact on the value of homework. Parent involvement can be used to speed up a child’s learning. Homework can involve parents in the school process. It can enhance parents’ appreciation of education. It can give them an opportunity to express positive attitudes about the value of success in school.”

Similarly, a study by the Harvard Family Research Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education concluded:

“Homework offers parents opportunities to see what students are learning, talk with children about their learning, and interact with teachers and other school-community members about ways to support student learning.”

So, how do we approach parental involvement with homework?

The first step is to be aware of assignments. Edmodo provides many ways for students, teachers, and parents to remain in sync on assignments. To give you some insights, we asked parents for their thoughts on how to use Edmodo to get a glimpse into their child’s world of homework. Here are a few highlights:

“I have two sons who use Edmodo. My oldest is usually good at remembering things but my youngest is horrible. On my computer I have 4 tabs that automatically open, my mail, Facebook, their school website and Edmodo. I check them every day. I use it to figure out what homework to do and what events are coming up. I’m very actively involved in the school and I still miss stuff if my kids don’t bring it home. It helps me know what’s going on so I can remind them. I find it very user friendly, I really like it. I like being able to message my son’s teachers and they can message me back. The minute a teacher posts something, it alerts me. It goes to my phone and computer.“

–Juanita from Ontario

“English is my second language. That makes it hard to discuss work with the teacher and understand what is needed from my son. I use Edmodo to make one place to view schoolwork. It is very simple for me.”

–Adeba from London

“My daughter is a freshman at a new school, and I want to make sure I stay on top of things as it’s a fresh environment for us both. She’s also very independent, so she’s not going to say what she’s being assigned. To stay updated on her work, I particularly love the Edmodo email notifications. I also use it on my phone, for when I have downtime and want to check status. Edmodo gives me comfort knowing that she’s working on things.”

–Dorothea from Los Angeles

“Edmodo lets me see into the world of my child’s work day at school. It allows me to view what the kids are learning, and when the projects or assignments are due.”

–Karen from San Diego

“My daughter is in High School and some of her homework is placed on Edmodo, so I use it to keep her on track making sure she doesn’t forget to do her work.”

–Jacqui from Sydney

As you see, Edmodo gives you a glimpse into the daily assignments of your child. It also helps you open up a positive dialog with your child and his or her teacher, to better understand goals and expectations. Armed with this important information, you’re well on your way to providing the support needed for a great education. Explore Edmodo to find new ways to keep you in the loop, and avoid the dreaded homework haze.

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