How To Celebrate Your Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

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Learn how other students and parents thanked their teachers from these inspiring stories.

For Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked Edmodo Ambassadors about the best ways for a parent or student to show their appreciation. We expected a bunch of great tips (which they certainly delivered!) but we also received plenty of heartwarming stories about gifts that they’d received from students.

If there’s one thing we learned from all of these, it’s that saying thank you is always the best way to show your appreciation.

“Really just a thank you is worth more than anything I have ever received.”
Linwood Starling

“I seriously think the best thing anyone can do is just a simple ‘Thank You.’ They are the best, especially on a bad day.”
Garnet Mayo

“I think the best expression of appreciation is a true message written from the heart of a student or parent.”
Kari Kuebler

If you want to go the extra mile in sharing your gratitude, plenty of teachers mentioned that handwritten notes show an extra level of thanks.

“Express it! Notes from students & parents mean a lot to most teachers!”
Vanita Vance

“Usually a hand written note that expresses gratitude is the best gift a teacher can receive. Especially if it is from out of the ordinary and off the cuff.”
Joseph Duda

“I think a personal message is a great way to show a teacher that you appreciate them. A piece of artwork done by the student is always great.”
Brad Bielawski

Another way to really show your appreciation is to tell your school’s principal all the reasons you like your teachers.

“Share with [the teacher’s] principal why [you] appreciate that teacher. Acknowledging teacher success with those in charge.”
Sarah Eaton

“A parent of one of my students wrote an email to my principal and was singing my praises. At our next faculty meeting, the principal read the email aloud and publicly recognized me. It felt wonderful.”
Amy Kingsley

A little bit of creativity goes a long way, too. Homemade arts and crafts can warm any teacher’s heart.

“My most memorable gift is a poster made by my students, full of little messages of appreciation. Every time I walk past it I smile!”
Mariana Garcia

“[My favorite gift is a] drawing from a student. Received it 12 years ago, still have it.”
Rory Morse

“My students in student teaching made me a picture book of silly pictures. They said my sense of humor would stick with them forever, and wanted to give me something funny to last.”
Melissa Kennedy

Of course, if you really want to, you can pull out all the stops and get a personal gift for a teacher that’s really made an impact for you.

“A parent made me a basket of gardening tools; I still use everything that she gave me a few years ago.”
Judi Holst

“My students know that I love dogs. When I say I love dogs, I mean I LOVE DOGS. One day the front office called my room and asked that I send a particular student up to the office, since his mom was there to give him something he needed. He came back to my room and had a puppy in his hands! I couldn’t believe it!”
Susana Turowski

Whatever you decide to do to show your teacher your appreciation, the gesture alone will touch them and show your gratitude. Across all the messages we received, there was one common theme: Just say thanks. It means so much to teachers!

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