How to Increase Student Participation Through Mobile Devices

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Technology can make a significant difference in the ability of students to ask for help. To improve class participation, texting allows students to ask questions and can give shy students the confidence they need to participate in class. Not every student is able to express their ideas and questions effectively by speaking out in class. With mobile devices, those students who struggle with communicating in the classroom will benefit. Teachers can use SMS in their classrooms to determine who is understanding the class content, and who needs more help.

Mobile Devices in the Classroom to Quiz Students

When you want to quiz your students, it’s possible to do so in a fun, effective way. You can create a list of questions and load the answers into a software application such as Kahoot. Students are then given the questions and allowed to answer the questions on mobile devices. The students can either work alone or in groups. Instead of only a few students participating in a class discussion, you can set up the questions and have everyone give an answer at the same time.

Use Online Discussion Boards to Get Students Involved

When you want students to engage with the material you are teaching, an effective way to do so is to provide an online discussion board for your students. Using mobile devices, students can add to the conversation at any time, even while class is going on. This improves the overall participation of your student body, while those that feel comfortable will continue to participate in the physical classroom.

Students Can Collaborate Using Technology

When you have students that need to work together on a project, this can be done using technology. Students can upload work into sites such as Dropbox or Google Drive, easily sharing documents and visuals with each other while working together on a project. Students don’t have to sit around in a room together to effectively collaborate on a project when they can upload and share with their mobile devices.

Provide Assessment and Feedback Through Messaging

When students can ask questions through text messaging, it makes it easy to respond to their questions quickly. When students are asking the right questions, you can provide feedback that and see that they are on the right track. In addition, you can reach parents through messaging when a student is struggling with a grade and you want to engage the parent in the student’s learning process. When you want to keep track of your students and alert parents when necessary, SMS texting is the go-to tool in order to reach busy parents.

As you look for ways to get students to engage in the classroom, it’s time to focus on the use of technology. Students in the classroom today have a wide variety of technology available to them, and texting is generally a preferred method of communication. When you want student engagement, open up a line of communication that allows students to text questions or comments to you. While you will have to set parameters on this type of communication, it is an effective way to get students to engage with classroom content.

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