Introducing JumpStart Activity Studio on Edmodo

By Sitaara Jones, Education Writer and Former Educator | June 01st, 2020 | No Comments

Ready to bring more excitement for learning to your classroom? We are excited to introduce JumpStart® Activity Studio, a brand new app available to all of our teachers right in Edmodo! 🎉 Activity Studio was developed by our sister company, JumpStart, to help teachers motivate students to learn by making learning fun, engaging, and meaningful—even at a distance.

With JumpStart Activity Studio, you can:

  • Create your own gamified activities to further engage and educate your students
  • Select from hundreds of pre-made activities by grade and subject
  • Share interactive quizzes and activities with your Edmodo Class to increase your students’ excitement towards learning!

JumpStart Activity Studio in Edmodo Discover

Teachers can access JumpStart Activity Studio in
Edmodo Discover or in their Edmodo Classes. Will Gibby, a Product Manager at Edmodo, shares his team’s goal for bringing learning apps like Activity Studio into Edmodo: “Learning happens well beyond the classroom walls and on many platforms. We are excited to bring Activity Studio to learners of all ages so that they can continue their education in a way that is fun and engaging in and outside of the classroom wherever they are.”

JumpStart Activity Studio in Edmodo Classes

Connie Leong, a Product Manager at Edmodo whose team worked to make Activity Studio accessible directly from within Edmodo Classes, says, “Our team’s goal is to allow teachers to engage their students all in one place. We are excited to introduce gamified activities that teachers can tailor from their Edmodo Class, alongside existing class tools such as assignments and quizzes.”

We hope that you are excited about JumpStart Activity Studio as we are! Our friends at JumpStart have years of experience in helping teachers create gamified learning experiences, and share their vision for the new app: “Activity Studio is the perfect way to engage students, while saving time as a teacher! You can browse hundreds of pre-made activities or create your own within minutes with just a few clicks, allowing you to easily and effectively bring technology and gamified learning into the classroom.”

Keep reading for ways that you can get started with Activity Studio in your Edmodo Classroom today!


Introduce your class to Activity Studio

Activity Studio is designed to be fast and flexible to launch in your classroom, making it the perfect tool to use for icebreaker activities at the beginning of the year, regular bell ringer activities or exit tickets, classroom expectations and rule review, and even during open house!

PRO TIP: Use Activity Studio for informal warm up activities or as a benchmark to assess your student’s knowledge of a certain topic before the lesson. Use the same activity at the end of the unit or lesson to compare the results to see how much your students have grown! With the ability to create your own activities, the opportunities really are limitless. 

Level up learning

“I love that I can share these activities with students even during virtual classes. My students love these tests because they are fun, exciting and suspenseful. They are useful games and also help with memory, so it is really wonderful!” —Amir Naeem Elhendawy, Teacher on Edmodo

If you’re tired of constantly searching for activities and/or ways to integrate technology into your classroom, you aren’t alone! JumpStart Activity Studio eliminates the time spent looking for age appropriate activities that align with your lessons and provide you with a library of trusted activities that work for your specific classroom and are ready for immediate use!

Use Activity Studio in place of your typical routine the next time you plan a concept review or before handing out exit slips. You can manage both of these daily / weekly activities right in Activity Studio with very little effort on your end and while creating a meaningful transition to a new unit/lesson or to signal the end of learning for the day to your students. As the teacher, you also benefit from the ease of checking student progress once the activity is complete. 

PRO TIP: Take a break mid-lesson to check for understanding with Activity Studio! Create your own activity by choosing from a variety of different gamified activity templates and question types to assess student progress before the end of your lesson. This break will feel like a game for your students while providing you with an opportunity to recalibrate your lesson as needed or identify students that could benefit from more review.

Challenge and reward!

The average attention span of a student in a virtual classroom can vary widely, but it is well known that student attention levels are affected by mood and motivation. You can help improve your student’s mood and motivation by increasing their opportunities to have fun, take a break from lecture, and challenge one another. The competitiveness of gaming can also help spark self-initiative for students, make them want to go above and beyond, and really own their learning. Tap into this competitiveness with brain breaks, challenges, and fun activities and rewards! 

PRO TIP: Challenge your students to see who can earn the highest score in an activity using the leaderboard or reward your class with digital badges for high scores on activities that are not related to learning or assessment. Celebrate the end of the quarter, school year, or even just the end of the week by creating a fun custom activity specific to your students!


Chances are, you experienced some range of distance learning during the past school year. Get ready to improve on that experience for your students and as a teacher using Activity Studio. Activity Studio is here to help you increase student engagement while helping you find trusted activities that are quick, flexible, and easy to access right within Edmodo. Try out Activity Studio now to find your next fun activity in minutes!