Is Parental Involvement Important to Student Learning? Edmodo Teachers Say, “Yes!”

By Guest Author | April 29th, 2015 | No Comments


Eighth grade teacher Lynn Woods of Virginia Beach believes that preparing students for the future involves arming them not only with the technology skills they’ll need, but also the critical thinking that will help them make the sound, moral life decisions required of adults. She works hard to expand her students’ learning horizons, and she views learning as an activity that extends beyond classroom walls. Students are constantly learning in the time they spend away from school, thanks to the advent of mobile technologies. But the challenge of qualifying this “out-of-bounds” learning persists. So how do we do that while making an effort to foster it, encourage it, and empower more of it?

At Edmodo, we want to be the spark that ignites the fire. That’s why we created an environment where anything and everything can be learned by those who want to learn. Part of our mission is to cultivate lifelong learners, and while teachers are essential to making this happen, parents also play an instrumental role in student learning.


Lynn sees parents as “important stakeholders in education that teachers must work closely with to advance learning outcomes.” Echoed by over 90% of teachers we asked to weigh in on the issue, the message was loud and clear: the parent experience on Edmodo had to evolve, which is why we developed the Edmodo for Parents app and gave educators a way to get families involved and invested in education.

Built by teacher feedback and designed with parents in mind, the app not only provides more visibility and actionable insight into a child’s learning trajectory, but also gives parents something they can access on-the-go and on their schedule. Historically, Edmodo provided parents the opportunity to be involved in their child’s digital education with parent accounts, but we realized we needed to do even more to bolster teacher-parent and parent-student interaction.


Available for free in the iTunes and Google Play stores, Edmodo for Parents provides a simple and intuitive way to stay in the know on a child’s learning activities, better support their academic efforts, and receive important announcements and updates from teachers for optimal learning outcomes. Featuring a Student Activity feed, the app shows upcoming or overdue homework; completed and submitted assignments; and any lessons, quizzes, or events that are due or upcoming. Similarly, the Teacher Announcement feed keeps parents in the loop on important news from the classroom.

“I can easily communicate with my students’ parents and know that they’re invested in supporting their child’s learning efforts, which makes me feel that I have an extended team I can work with to help my students reach their goals,” says Lynn.

Teachers have always been at the center of what we’ve built at Edmodo. By broadening their reach to parents, we hope to enliven the world of learning even more for students so they can achieve their full potential. Technology is moving at a rapid pace in education, and as we usher in a new era of learning engagement for teachers, parents, and students, the possibilities that arise from the outcomes will be endless.



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