Keeping Parents Connected to Class in 2017

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Getting parents involved can be one of the biggest challenges for a teacher. The benefits of keeping parents connected are clear: When they’re informed of what you’re teaching, they can reinforce the same concepts at home, which makes for stronger learning outcomes.

Edmodo has long been a powerful tool for teachers who want to keep parents in the loop. Parents can follow class assignments, track grades, and receive messages regarding events and activities. They can follow along through our website, or with our Andrioid or iOS apps designed for Parents.

This year, we’re giving you even more ways to get parents connected to the classroom. From easier ways to get parents into your class to new messaging options, here are a few of the new features on Edmodo that get teachers, students and parents all connected with each other.

Send Direct Messages to Parents and Students

Brand new for 2017, Edmodo is adding direct messaging for students, teachers, and parents both in the new Edmodo mobile app and through your web browser. Teachers can finally keep all of their school communications in one spot. No more sorting through email chains and text messages. Even better, you don’t have to give your personal phone number to students and parents, and you can send messages to individual parents or groups!

Direct messaging will be rolling out to teachers and students first, with parent-to-teacher messaging coming shortly after. All of your messages on the mobile app will be synced to your message history on the web as well, so you’ll never miss an update!

Get Parents Onboard Quickly & Easily

So you’re standing in front of a crowd of parents on Back to School Night, and they’re all wondering why you’ve chosen to use Edmodo for your classroom.

We don’t want to leave you empty-handed on Back to School Night, so we’ve made it easy to print handouts that you can give to parents that will explain how they can use Edmodo along with their children and how to join, whether that’s by using the Edmodo for Parents app or from their web browser. Just click “Invite People” from your Class page and download the handout.

Provide Instant SMS Updates

Not every parent will be equipped for the connected classroom at the start of the year, and a lot of parents struggle with the process of creating an account or downloading an app. This year, Edmodo has a solution: SMS text message updates for parents.

All parents need for this is a cell phone (of any kind! No smartphone required). Then, at the start of the school year, you can give your students a group code that parents will text to a short number on their own phones. After that, they’ll get instant updates for class posts, assignments, grades, events, and due dates, with customizable alerts.

To invite parents to join a class, click “Invite People” within the Class group and follow the onscreen instructions.

Excited about the new ways you can get parents involved in your classroom and your students’ lives? Follow the What’s New on Edmodo topic for more updates on features as they arrive!

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