NexxGen News Debuts on Edmodo!

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Get free videos and news resources for your classroom or assignments, right on Edmodo.

We’re excited to announce a partnership with NexxGen News to give you more options in your classroom and to help your students keep up with current events! NexxGen News is a digital provider of news and educational resources for schools. It’s the new project from veterans of Channel One News, which won Peabody and Telly Awards for its daily news program for over 20 years.

And we’re proud to announce that NexxGen is debuting exclusively on Edmodo!

NexxGen will provide weekly news videos that you can send to your students or use in your classroom. If you want to see every story, make sure to like the NexxGen News page on Edmodo!

It’s great to stay on top of current events and provide an opportunity for your students to be aware of the world around them, but how can you actually use these videos as part of your classroom? Here are a few other ideas that might fit your needs:

In-Class Activities

You can set aside one day a week to view a news story that you want to focus on. Then if you like, you can connect that content to your current week’s lesson plans. For example, if you’re teaching history, then you may want to point out how recent events connect to similar ones in the past. Or if you’re teaching math, you can create a word problem based on some of the news from earlier in the week.

Downtime Between Other Activities

Free time is hard to come by when you’re a teacher, so you can use NexxGen News videos that cover everything from geography and STEM innovation to current events and literature as a quick way to give yourself a bit more time in class. Especially if you need a moment to prepare for your next activity or tabulate the results of a previous one. You can put on NexxGen News videos (typically 5–6 minutes in length) that are related to your curriculum or just have your students watch as a quick break from the current lesson.

Weekly Assignments

Want to add some current events to your regular assignments? Ask students to journal or give a short personal response to each weekly video. Have them brainstorm discussion questions and potential solutions or answers to those questions. You can also use one of the weekly stories to bring some context to a unit or chapter you’ve already taught and see how many students can remember key concepts.

Don’t forget to like the NexxGen News page on Edmodo to get every update in your Edmodo Home Stream!

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