Six Unique Ways to Combine Tech Tools With Edmodo

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We asked veteran teachers and tech leaders about how they use Edmodo and other apps at their school. The responses were inspiring!

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Recently, we asked several tech adoption specialists across the world about how they used different apps and tools with Edmodo. Not only did they respond with amazing detail, we ended up learning about several amazing new tools through them! Read on to discover some fantastic ways you can combine Edmodo and your next favorite edtech app.

For one class, I usually pin a OneNote Notebook which includes our syllabus, learning paths, ESL and ELA reference sites, and sections that connect our ESL classes to global events and PenPal School projects while fostering 21st Century Skills with ICT integration.

An example screenshot from Stella’s OneNote Notebook

I find it easy to take roll, support struggling readers, plan, deliver and assess lessons with add-ons in different Microsoft and Google apps catering for different skills and learning styles. There is a continuous flow from Edmodo to Microsoft and Google Drive and back. The Send to OneNote feature allows me to clip PDFs and annotate main ideas, answer questions, provide written and oral feedback, use graphic organizers for teaching and assessment, convert ink to text, and insert audio or video. Besides, when we meet online I know who is working on which section or page so feedback is instant.

Stella Maris Berdaxagar

Using Edmodo with Google has really elevated my teaching in a variety of ways. I create a lot of lessons using Google Slides and infographics or help charts using Google Draw. I use these in class and then keep them in folders in my Edmodo Class. This allows parents to see the content I am covering and students to review the material at home. I also have students submit work to me in Google Docs. This allows me to provide them direct, immediate feedback on their work. The use of Google Docs has also allowed for students to work collaboratively on PBL activities.

Using Google has also allowed me to bring gamification to my instruction. I have incorporated technology such as Google forms to create leaderboards and allow students to gain experience points to level up. This has really motivated my students, and the Google technology has made it very easy to track student points.

Brad Bielawski

I use several of the GSuite apps (Google Docs, Slides, Forms) in my Edmodo PD workshop to share resources I’ve created with teachers. I also share templates of resources created in GSuite, which allows teachers to make their own customizable copy for their own classroom use. Google integrates nicely with Edmodo, allowing me to easily access items stored in my Drive and share them with a click of a button.

Christi Collins

I’m an EFL teacher and the combination of Edmodo and Google Drive has turned into a valuable way to develop my students’ written expression: I set an assignment in Edmodo and attach a Google Doc with the instructions of the writing activity, and use the Make Copies feature so they have a page to write on and not mess about with permissions. They submit their writing and I use the comments to give them feedback, maybe add a link to a video or web page that explains it and ask for resubmission. I’ve found this really helps them improve their writing skills in the long run.

Teresa Perles

I love combining Google Drawings with Edmodo. Google Drawings is our creation platform, while Edmodo allows my students to share purposeful feedback for their classmates creations. Extending the activity to include intentional feedback from their peers, in the classroom and globally, allows dialogue among students. Edmodo aids in creating an atmosphere of empathy, understanding, and compassion from a meaningful audience. Students create knowing it’s not just for the teacher but their peers as well.

-Leticia Citizen

I love using Edmodo with the new website called Oodlu! Oodlu was the single most popular activity I did with my students. Here is how I use it: Students play Oodlu using vocabulary words. For example, if our spelling words for the week are bifurcate, bicuspid, biannual, biped and bifocals, students would get on Oodlu and practice defining these words. As they play Oodlu, they get to play engaging games every time they get a correct answer. They also accumulate points as they play. Students can then cash in their points for class prizes that I determine. The combination of Oodlu and Edmodo makes for a wonderful way to get students to do their homework!

–Brenda Osborne

So there you have it! Whether you’re finding a new use for Google Drive or some new tool like Oodlu, there are plenty of ways to use Edmodo and any other Edtech tool to the fullest.

Responses have been lightly edited for grammar, clarity, and length.

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