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Differentiating Homework Using Edmodo

This is a guest post from Jimmy Sapia, a 4th grade teacher at Springdale Elementary School in Stamford, Connecticut. The full version of his post can be found on his blog at mrsapia.wordpress.com. If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form. Edmodo is a tool that transformed how my classroom operates. While I use […]

Activities & TipsTeacher Stories - Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Calculate the Perfect Collaboration Equation on Edmodo

As a math teacher, one of the biggest problems I face is student engagement and participation. There is no single formula for how my students learn, but thanks to Edmodo’s Small Groups and Co-Teacher features, I’ve discovered new ways to communicate with students, share resources, and encourage collaboration—within my own classroom and on a worldwide […]

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The Power of Connecting Students on Edmodo [Video]

Dustin Blaha, Staff Development Coordinator for schools in the Rapid City area of South Dakota, recently shared this touching story; one that illustrates how Edmodo can be used to help each student find their voice. Watch as Mr. Blaha introduces us to Mrs. Price, a fourth grade teacher who integrated Small Groups into her classroom […]

StudentsTeacher Stories - Posted on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

The Power of Edmodo and Small Groups

Just one student can change your life. One visually-impaired student and Edmodo changed my teaching. I have been using Edmodo for several years, but not until this year did I realize its power. Why did I choose Edmodo for my class and Armondo? It’s a safe learning platform, allows for the integration of  multimedia tools, is great for differentiated instruction, and acts […]

Activities & TipsFeaturesGeneralTeacher Stories - Posted on Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Technology and Student-Driven Collaboration: Transforming Literature Circles Using Edmodo

The day-to-day classroom experience of a middle school teacher begins something like this: students hurry to their lockers, arrive in your classroom, say “hi”, and then consult their technology – immediately. After all, checking Instagram or Facebook is likely more important than what’s on tap for the day. You can ask Chris to stop texting […]

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