Three Ways Edmodo Appreciates Teachers!

By Guest Author | May 03rd, 2017 | No Comments

Edmodo is always listening to teachers because we want to create the platform that’s most useful for you! We’ve been hard at work developing new features for Edmodo, and Teacher Appreciation Week seems like as good a time as any to highlight some recent additions.

Digital Copies of Assignments for Every Student

One of our proudest accomplishments in the last year has been a change to Edmodo Assignments that lets you create individual Google or Office documents for each student in your classroom when you send the Assignment. Many of our teachers had written in asking for this feature, and we’re glad to finally have it live on the entire Edmodo platform.

Instead of asking your students to create their own copies of each assignment you hand out and reminding them to attach it to the assignment when they turn it in, you can have Edmodo take care of that automatically. Best of all, it works with both Office Online and Google Drive, meaning you can use whatever cloud software your district or school prefers.

To learn more about this feature, check out this video, or have a look at the Edmodo Help Center


Copying Groups

As the end of the school year approaches, you might want to archive your group, or better yet, copy it! Copying groups will allow you to take all of the original content for that group (including Posts, Folders, Files, Quizzes, and Assignments) and bring it over to a new group.

Our goal with this feature is to save teachers time if they’re planning to use similar course materials next year. Once you copy the group, all you have to do is add your new group members and adjust the dates of assignments and Quizzes. Instead of re-uploading all your files and creating new Assignments and Quizzes every time, you can save a bunch of time by copying over the previous year.

To copy a group now, select a group and click “Group Settings” to get started. To learn more, check out the Edmodo Help Center

Using Bold and Italics in a Post

Teachers have asked for richer text formatting in posts for a while and we’re happy to announce that you can now format bold and italics in your Edmodo Posts! It’s pretty simple too!

**Text surrounded by double asterisks becomes bold**


*Text surrounded by single asterisks becomes italicized*

This can help you emphasize specific points in your posts, like reminding students that permission slips are **due tomorrow**! Or, when you want to make sure that students only read *up to* chapter 7 in their textbooks before discussing. We’re adding more formatting options and working to bring this formatting to other parts of Edmodo too, like the mobile app and replies to posts.

To learn more about rich text formatting, have a look at this article in the Edmodo Help Center.

Teachers are the foundation of what we do at Edmodo. We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier and help you spend less time trying and more time teaching. If you have any suggestions for new features that you’d like, let us know here in a comment or by contacting Edmodo support.

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