Three Ways to Empower Your Students in 2017

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The new school year is here, and you might already be feeling overwhelmed. Not to worry! There’s plenty of great classroom tips and new teaching methods to go around in 2017, and we’ve got a few of them for you straight from EdmodoCon 2017!

Encourage Peer Learning In Your Classroom

One of the main takeaways from Sharon Clarke’s fascinating presentation on “Bridging Gaps and Cultivating Student Curiosity” was about how you can create situations to enable Peer Learning in your classroom. The setup is simple: give students an engaging hook, let them inquire into learning with peers, then have them share what they’ve learned with each other. As Sharon says: “If students are taught how to draw their own conclusions through critical thinking, problem-solving, analysis, curiosity, collaboration, and imagination, then they have the skills they need to succeed throughout their lifetime.” There’s a whole lot more detail in Sharon’s full presentation and a quick handout of the takeaways on the Edmodo Topic under the Resources tab.

Use Project-Based Learning with Edmodo as Your Hub

Jennifer Parker showed attendees just how easy it is to flip your classroom with Edmodo and why that can be a game-changer for your classes. The benefits of flipping your classroom are clearly laid out: easier homework for your students, access to the teacher when they need it, and the opportunity for peer-to-peer education. Jennifer showed us the value of project-based learning in the flipped classroom through math, but we think that there are valuable techniques here for every teacher! Flipping your classroom may not sound like a perfect fit for you, but consider Jennifer’s advice: “Think about your space and your students and think of what works best for them logistically. Don’t forget, the Hub ties it all together!” You can find a handout of her tips, the full presentation, and a discussion of the talk at the Edmodo Topic and its Resources tab.

Keep Yourself Accessible Outside of the Classroom

Rachelle Dene Poth shows you how you can empower your students in this talk about how to be accessible outside of the classroom using your Edmodo account. Give students more agency by having them contact you and each other when they have questions about assignments, homework, and tests. Because communication on Edmodo is asynchronous, meaning both people don’t have to be online at the same time, you can answer questions when you have the time, but before your students come back to class the next day! Your students will likely encourage each other to check Edmodo and give you feedback while you’re still in class, saving you time and energy. As one student from Rachelle’s class put it: “It was easier for me to reach out to my teacher or classmates if I needed something like a picture of a page in the textbook.” Learn more about how to stay accessible at the presentation’s Edmodo Topic’s Resources, including the key takeaways and full presentation.

There are even more inspiring and thoughtful presentations from this year’s EdmodoCon and you can find them all available to watch right here on Edmodo Spotlight.

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