Tips For Using Edmodo With Other Apps

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Do you ever look at your phone or desktop and wonder “Why do I bother with all these different apps?” Maybe you have them organized into folders and subfolders. Maybe they’re just spilling out over your background. B-but you need Flipgrid for that video unit you’re doing in January. And you can’t delete Quizlet with so many practice tests throughout the year. Plus, your district is making you use Google Classroom, no matter what your personal preferences are.

So why bother with all of them? Because they work. It’s just a lot to juggle all at once.

That’s where Edmodo can help. Even if you’re already invested in other apps and LMS tools, you can use Edmodo to bring them all together and make a central hub for your classroom. Edmodo helps you get more out of Google Drive and Office 365, too. Check out these tips about how you can use Edmodo to get a classroom experience greater than the sum of each app.

What Edmodo Adds To The Mix

Regardless of what you already use, there are certain things you can only get with Edmodo. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best of both worlds. Edmodo has built-in integration with apps like Google Drive and Office 365, plus features like Small Groups to help you use more strategies like project-based learning or differentiated learning.

Edmodo Ambassador Mariana Garcia-Serrato finds Edmodo easier to use for units that require small groups: “My runs of Cell Wars are more efficient on Edmodo since I can create small groups for students to share their ideas and work together…The small group feature is what keeps me using Edmodo over and over.”

“I’ve used Edmodo for project-based learning with my students,” says Ambassador Brad Bielawski. “I find PBL has really been the most rewarding educational experience for my students and the ones they most remember.” It can be tough to incorporate PBL into your classroom when you’re juggling so many apps at once, too. This way, students always know they can use Edmodo as a starting point.

Former teacher and Edmodian Joseph Hyun noticed how his fellow teachers would use Edmodo with just about anything, but use Edmodo itself for discussion and after-school help. “A lot of teachers used digital tools, but had Edmodo act as the hub or launch pad, as well as a space for discussions and questions. Edmodo was by far the easiest way to go online and ask the teacher/classmates in a safe environment and students can expect helpful responses.”

With Edmodo, you can expand your classroom discussions outside of the classroom itself and offer help when and where you need to give it.

Blending Discussion and Productivity

A pair of classrooms might look similar, but the methods and techniques of each teacher could be wildly different. Every teacher might use the same app or tool for different reasons, even when there’s a lot of commonality in how that tool is used. While a district might think that the ubiquity of Google Classroom is what makes it easy to use, plenty of teachers find they need to supplement it with other apps.

Edmodo already integrates with Google Drive and Office 365, so teachers can create and share digital documents directly from their accounts with students. But teachers tend to differ on what they split between Edmodo and other tools.

Ambassador Lucia Bartolotti likes to pair Google Drive’s documents with Edmodo’s classroom tools. “Drive is a powerful platform which allows me to create and share digital objects,” she notes, “while Edmodo is excellent for communicating and organizing the learning space.”

Similarly, former teacher Kate Baker kept all her classroom communication in Edmodo while using Google Classroom for organizing documents. “I used Google Classroom’s document workflow to help train my students in using a variety of digital tools. However, all communication happened in Edmodo in the Share Our Work small group.”

By contrast, Ambassador Sheryl Place points to Office 365 integration as a huge motivator for using both it and Edmodo: “Many teachers I work with use Edmodo and Office 365 together. When a teacher creates an assignment or activity in Office 365, students receive a post with a link to the assignment in Edmodo.”

Whatever you happen to need out of the apps you use, it’s always important to find the right balance for you.

Even More Tips From Real Teachers

It’s not just Google Drive or Office 365, either. Teachers use Edmodo with all kinds of other tools that are a perfect fit for their classroom. Check out these quick tips from other teachers on apps that work great with Edmodo:

  • “Teachers use Edmodo to post Nearpod join codes and links. This is a timesaver for teachers. They do not need to repeat the code and seeing the code makes everything accessible for all learners.” –Sheryl Place

  • “My students are teenagers who love tech. When I proposed them to link their Duolingo account to Edmodo they were excited and decided to challenge one each other to work harder in Duolingo.” –Ivan Esquit

  • “Teachers post PDF articles from Newsela into their Edmodo Communication stream. The ability to save the document directly into the library is great for many students who then use their built in annotation tools to mediate meaning in the article.” –Sheryl Place

  • “I create different educational games using Kahoot, then share each with students using Edmodo. I even added a badge in Edmodo called Kahoot Games, and each time students play I give first three places a badge.” –Manar Wehbe

  • “Teachers love to post FlipGrid codes on Edmodo. At the beginning of the year, the teacher may even pin the FlipGrid code at the top of the communication to make locating the code easier for students.” –Sheryl Place

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