Tips & Tricks: Safeguarding Your Groups

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In celebration of Digital Citizenship Week, here are some best practices to ensure your Edmodo experience remains a safe and secure one:

Keep your classroom protected.

Edmodo is designed to give you complete control over groups and members. To make sure enrollment remains targeted:

  • Only distribute your Group Code within your classroom. Never post it publicly to ensure it remains secure. When invite information gets shared via school websites, blogs, social media, or any other public forum, it creates an opportunity for unauthorized users to join the group.
  • Lock your classroom once all members have joined. Simply click the “Lock” icon to the left of your Group Code. New members can still join, once you approve their Join Request.
  • Set expectations. Establish parameters about appropriate content and implement protocols for posting behavior and etiquette. Samples for guidelines and a code of conduct can be found on our Classroom Rollout Resources page.

Manage classroom content and participation.

Edmodo empowers you to monitor member activity to make sure contributions remain relevant by enabling you to:

  • Set up notifications. Get alerted when there’s new activity in your groups or among connections. To turn notifications on, visit the “Account Settings” page of your profile and click “Email & Text Updates” on the left sidebar.
  • Delete inappropriate posts. Want to remove a post from your communication stream? Click on the small blue arrow at the top right-hand corner of the post.
  • Moderate posts. Pre-approve all posts and replies. To activate, click the gear icon located at the top of the left sidebar on your group’s home page, select “Group Settings,” and check the box “Moderate all Posts and Replies.”
  • Give members “Read-Only” status. Want to let students view classroom messages, submit assignments, and communicate directly with you, but limit their ability to post or reply to the group? Click “Members” on the left sidebar of your group’s homepage and determine contribution access under “Member Options” at the top of the page, or via the “More” drop down menu located to the right of each individual member.

Want to feel even more secure? Encourage your school or district to establish an Edmodo Subdomain, which allows administrators to manage and support how the site is being used. It also fosters district-wide communication and collaboration by tying everyone to their school and district community.

For even more ways to keep your online classrooms safe, check out our recently updated Digital Citizenship Kit.

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