Top Digital Citizenship Resources For Your School or Classroom

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Check out these seven resources that can help you share digital citizenship in your class.

Updated: October 11th, 2018

Digital Citizenship Week is nearly here! Digital Citizenship is a hugely important factor to K-12 education, and it’s only becoming more and more imperative that students learn the ins and outs of responsible behavior on the Internet. Equip your students with the right information about Digital Citizenship and best practices on the web with these online resources.

Common Sense Education’s Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Looking for a complete set of curriculum to use in your classroom for Digital Citizenship? Common Sense Education has a series of three to four units of lessons on the topic ranging from kindergarten all the way to high school. The curriculum includes games, tutorials, and toolkits in case you want to pick and choose which elements you want to bring into your classroom too.

[Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship]

Digital Citizenship Edmodo Topic

Connect with other teachers on Edmodo who have questions and lessons about Digital Citizenship by following the Digital Citizenship Edmodo Topic! Posts will appear in your Home Stream so you’ll be able to see new resources and discussions as soon as they’re sent.

[Digital Citizenship Edmodo Topic]

An Example of Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

Kate Baker and Shari Krapels recently presented their collaborative project at EdmodoCon. In Authors’ Alley, students from across districts and grades help each other improve their writing, entirely through Edmodo. Discover the full story with the recording direct from EdmodoCon 2018, or view a condensed version right here.

[Authors’ Alley: Collaborative Writing Communities (YouTube)]

Tools to Discuss Issues that Impact Students

With students surrounded by devices and services, the Education Amplifier program stands to help teachers direct conversations about student issues through this technology. With Edmodo and Amplifier, teachers can surface discussions about the problems students face today and make current events relevant to students in the classroom.

[Education Amplifier Program]

Introducing Parents to a Digital Classroom

So your students finally have their hands on tablets or Chromebooks. How do you make sure that they, and their parents, understand the function of a digital classroom and how best to participate in it? This Spotlight resource is a presentation that you can share with your students and their parents in order to help them connect with your digital classroom.

[Parents’ Outreach — Introducing Parents to a Digital Classroom (Spotlight)]

5 Ways to Teach Kids About Fake News

Staying critical and grounded when reading news online is a huge component of today’s digital citizenship. This blog post from the Digital Citizenship Institute gives you five quick and easy tips on how to keep students informed of Fake News and how to spot it when browsing their favorite sites.

[5 Ways to Teach Kids About Fake News]

Digital Citizenship Symbaloo

This symbaloo lesson, created by Edmodo Ambassador Mariana Garcia, contains guided videos and links that your students follow to learn more about the topic of Digital Citizenship. They’ll eventually create a Digital Citizenship Pledge that they can post to their own blogs or profiles.

[Digital Citizenship Symbaloo (Spotlight)]

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