Top Tips for Teachers from Tech Tutors!

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We asked Tech Leaders from all over the world how they use Edmodo to support technology adoption in schools.

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Did you know? Edmodo’s got a huge community of Tech Leaders bouncing ideas off each other, from professional development to promoting tech adoption in classrooms. Recently, we asked some of our Edmodo Ambassadors in Tech Leader roles if they had any advice for others in their field, or even teachers looking to use more technology in the classroom.

The response was tremendous! We’ve taken some of our favorite tips and curated them here so you can get a healthy dose of tech leadership and inspiration.

1. Get PD Virtually!

“With the limited amount of time available during the work day, virtual PD and collaboration is becoming a terrific way to learn from, and plan with other teachers. Edmodo has been integral in my professional development. Through resources on Spotlight and conversations with my PLN, I’ve found amazing PD opportunities that have enhanced my knowledge and skill set, making me a more effective educator. What’s been wonderful about this is it allowed me to participate on my own schedule.”
-Brad Bielawski

“I especially use Edmodo for PD and encourage other teachers to do the same. As a PLC facilitator, I have even conducted mini-trainings on specific Edmodo features.”
-JoAnn Filer

2. Use Tech to Engage and Communicate with Students

“I introduce my students to Edmodo on the first day of school by explaining why I use Edmodo: Use it to enhance our learning, posting and completing assignments, sharing discussions, and connecting with me when they are absent or have questions about an assignment. I created a list of “Things to do” — complete the profile, create an avatar, send me a message, and complete a fun assignment using a tool like Graffiti Creator.” 
-JoAnn Filer

“Communicating with students and allowing them to connect with their peers outside of our district and state has proven quite successful. Students have a larger audience to connect with and share their learning, while expanding their understanding and empathetic community. Students have embraced digital technology with an enhanced caution and respect to represent, not only themselves, but their their school, teacher, and families.”
-Leticia Citizen

3. Respond to Parents more easily

“I introduce the parents to Edmodo at our first Back to School Night in September. I encourage the students and parents to download the app to a device to receive notifications on postings. Once they find out it is safe, secure and FREE, they do not hesitate. Students are not texting their teacher — they are sending notifications and work.”
-JoAnn Filer

4. Lead your own PD

“As an Ed Tech leader, I have also used Edmodo to create my own professional development courses. For example, I’ve recently designed and moderated a five-hour PD course opportunity in Edmodo about using the SAMR model to integrate technology into instruction.”
-Brad Bielawski

“I was so excited, because recently I got someone to listen to me about using Edmodo as a way to implement PD virtually — I am working on an online course to share with my admin team that is self-directed for next year. #edmodochat is one of my favorite PD opportunities.” 
-Carrie Snyder-Renfro

5. Connect with Teachers and Share Resources

“Edmodo has afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with teachers across the globe. I have done numerous global collaboration projects using Edmodo as the platform. It has allowed me to easily collaborate with my project partner and for our students to work together. I have also collaborated with members of my PLN and we have jointly created projects through Edmodo to share with our students. Edmodo truly has been an indispensable partner in my ability to virtually collaborate with other instructors and receive and create PD opportunities.”
-Brad Bielawski

“As a Digital Literacy & Transversal Skills Support teacher I use Edmodo for my personal professional development. On the platform I meet many professionals and share resources, ideas and so on.”
-Carmen Degabriele

6. Share Tech by Presenting Benefits

“Influencing an older or senior group of teachers is not that easy. But, showing them how beneficial to them the application of technology to their teaching tasks makes them interested and encourages them to ask how you do it.”
-Jennifer Operio

7. Show the Versatility of Tech Tools Like Edmodo

“Using Edmodo has helped me a lot at my hometown. Currently, I work for a bi-national center; there I have the chance of working with all kinds of people from kids to adults, all of them having shown interest in using Edmodo for practicing and connecting with people around the world. Most of the teachers at the institute use Edmodo, more schools around the city have included Edmodo and other academic/technological tools to stay connected in the 21st-century.”
-Cristian Gaviria

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with other tech leaders? Are you looking for more tips? Check out the Technology teacher topic on Edmodo!

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