Use Edmodo with Google Apps or Office 365 to Teach More

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Many teachers ask whether they should still use Edmodo if they’re using Microsoft and Google. The answer is a resounding, YES! Google and Microsoft give you great productivity tools. Edmodo gives you a single communications hub to connect and engage with students, parents and other teachers. Here’s how to get the most out of Edmodo and Google or Microsoft.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Edmodo + Google Apps and Office 365

Only the power of Edmodo and GAFE or Office together gets you the best digital assignments, the simplest sign-on experience, and the best online integration for your classroom.

Single Sign-On, No Password Required

Did you know that 40% of Edmodo users sign on with either Google Apps or Office 365? And when you link your accounts on Edmodo, you don’t have to worry about losing, forgetting, or resetting your password. Ever!

Plus, when you sign on with Google or Microsoft, you’ll already have your account linked and ready for all the other great features you get like your files in the cloud and digital assignments.

Always Have Access to Your Google Drive or OneDrive Files

When you link your Google or Microsoft account to Edmodo, you automatically connect your Google Drive or OneDrive to your Edmodo Library. With that, you can attach any file from your Google Drive or OneDrive to your Posts or Assignments in Edmodo! Send whatever file you like to your class, without ever leaving Edmodo.

The Best Digital Assignments For Your Classroom

Send copies of your original document to each student individually.

Regardless of which online productivity suite you use, Edmodo can distribute online assignments to each of your students, giving them individual copies and allowing them to turn in Edmodo assignments directly from their Google or Office documents.

Plus, with the new Assignment Center, students and teachers can see everything that’s coming up, whether that’s an Assignment or a Quiz. If it’s got a due date, it’s in the Assignment Center. And Edmodo gives you Read Receipts — showing you when students have read each assignment so you know if you need to remind students or provide additional help before the deadline passes.

The Best Features You Only Get on Edmodo

When you use Edmodo as your classroom communications hub, you get a whole lot more than just classroom productivity tools. You get a simple messaging solution, automatically-graded quizzes, an entire network of teachers helping you to succeed, and more!

The Easiest Messaging Solution

Send direct messages to students, parents, teachers, or groups.

The new messaging center in Edmodo lets you send individual, direct messages to any student or teacher, and soon, to any parent. On top of that, you can send messages to a group. You can use these for more private communication, like following up with a student about a single assignment.

Even if you’re using Google Classroom for managing your documents and assignments, Edmodo still makes it easy to handle all your messages for students, parents, and other teachers. No giving out your personal phone number, no email addresses, just a simple and easy messaging solution.

Quizzes on Edmodo are timed and graded automatically

Quizzes That Grade Automatically

It’s tough enough to write your own assessments, and even harder when you have to manually enter in scores for those assessments into your LMS. Edmodo’s built-in Quiz functionality takes the grading out of the equation.

You can build as long of a Quiz as you like, assign it to your students, then watch as it appears in your gradebook when they complete the Quiz.

Built-In Teacher Resources

Edmodo is the only classroom solution with the power of a global teacher network behind it. That can mean connecting with thousands of other teachers in your subject area by discussing your favorite classroom strategies in Edmodo Topics, like Middle School, Algebra, or Flipped Learning. Or it can mean browsing Edmodo Spotlight to find the next lesson plan for your classroom. And only Edmodo has EdmodoCon, a yearly professional development event just for teachers around the world who value technology in the classroom.

Even if your district wants you to use Google Classroom or another LMS, you can still get all the benefits of Edmodo’s teacher network from across the world. Don’t get stuck isolated in your own classroom, connect with your colleagues and learn more!

If you’re using Office 365 or Google Apps, you need to be using Edmodo to get the best possible experience for your classroom! Link your Edmodo account to Google or Office today.

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