Using Edmodo for Exit Tickets and Other Formative Assessment

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This is a guest post from Kelly Croy, 7th grade Language Arts teacher at Oak Harbor Middle School. The post was originally published on

I’ve been using Edmodo for the past two years and I love it. As a middle school English teacher, I love having my students submit their work through Edmodo and regularly use it for:

  • Collecting assignments and grading them using Edmodo. It’s very convenient having one place to gather and comment on student work.
  • Making sure students are completing their reading. With Edmodo’s quiz feature, it’s easy for me to gauge whether they’re understanding their assignments.
  • Giving students a way to share work with their families. It can be difficult to send a video or digital project home, but Edmodo simplifies that and allows for great feedback.

An Ideal Assessment Tool
My administrators have recently encouraged and required more formative assessments in my plan. As a result, I’m starting to use Edmodo a little differently and discovering that it’s a great way to integrate exit tickets.

There are three features that help me conduct formative assessment in my classroom (and in ways my students actually enjoy):

  • Polls. A quick way to ask students what they learned after each lesson.
  • Quizzes. Easily assess comprehension with a few, short questions.
  • Notes. Start a discussion by posting a question in your groups.

I really enjoy using Edmodo for formative assessment and exit tickets — it makes it easy to discover what everyone is learning, or needs more help with. Thanks to Edmodo, I’m better able to manage and engage my classroom!

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