Using Edmodo Quizzes for Personalized Learning

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This is a guest post from Sharon Casadei, a 7th grade teacher in North Wales, Pennsylvania. The full version of her post can be found on her blog at If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form.

I am not a fan of the “math maintenance” in the traditional, “count as a grade” sense, but I do believe that keeping the students’ skills sharp is necessary. It is no surprise that the students abhor math maintenance sheets, and the pressure that can come along with them. I spent the first half of the year trying to come up with a way to review math skills that would not take up too much instructional time, cause stress on my students, and leave me with 68 more papers to grade at the end of each week.

My Flipped BYOD Classroom

My students have been using Edmodo as part of our flipped classroom since September. They use it to watch videos, submit papers, take polls and quizzes, and ask me and their classmates questions about the class. (I discussed my experiences with Edmodo in a previous blog post.)

I am fortunate enough to be in a school where all but a handful of my students have a wi-fi enabled device, and with administrators who have allowed us to pilot a BYOD program. We are 22 days into BYOD with the 7th grade and it is awesome! The fact that the students have access to their own technology when they need it makes every tech-integrated lesson “doable.” Students without their own device are provided one to use in class.

This brings me to math maintenance . . .

10 Minute Activity, Administering Maintenance Quizzes

  1. I write five 5-question multiple choice quizzes on Edmodo and schedule them for delivery: one quiz at the beginning of the day Monday — Friday
  2. When my students come to class they immediately log onto Edmodo from their devices and complete the maintenance quiz
  3. After all quizzes have been submitted, I review the answers with the students

Personalized Learning & Instant Feedback

Edmodo allows the option of creating small groups within classes, so that I am able to assign personalized learning and maintenance based on students’ needs. If there are six students who need more practice with percents, I can assign them to a small group and send specific questions to them.

Delivering quizzes on Edmodo lets me provide students with instant feedback. After today’s maintenance, one student said, “I got two questions wrong, but after I saw the right answer I figured out what I did wrong. Now I get it.”

Most teachers use Edmodo’s quiz feature for graded quizzes, but even though I don’t count these morning quizzes as test grades, my students take the quizzes seriously. They seem to enjoy the Edmodo format over a typical math maintenance sheet.

Creating the maintenance quizzes does take time, especially if you are going to create sub-groups with specific questions. I believe that the work I put in on the front-end is well worth it. The fact that we are BYOD makes this type of maintenance possible, and pretty much a seamless part of our class time. This would be great if your school has iPads in the classroom!

Let’s Talk

I would love to hear how others handle math maintenance, personalized learning, or other ways to incorporate Edmodo into instruction and assessment. Please share in the comments, or connect with me on Edmodo.

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