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On March 9th, SXSWedu wrapped up its showcase of speakers, workshops, and events. The SXSW family of festivals and conferences is generally recognized as a major yearly event for creative professionals, but SXSWedu leverages that same platform and structure to inform and engage with educators. SXSWedu 2017 had a particularly great schedule and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

Keynote: Christopher Emdin — “We Got It From Here — Thank You 4 Your Service”

An Associate Professor and Director, Teachers College, Columbia University, Emdin brings an energizing and candid look at the current state of education. He looks into the structure of schools from urban to rural environments and the lack of diversity among teachers. He highlights how to identify “frenemies” of good education practices and how to tell those frenemies “We got it from here, thank you for your service.”

Watch the keynote here.

Keynote: Sara Goldrick-Rab — “Paying the Price”

Sara Goldrick-Rab, a professor and sociologist at Temple University, brings attention to the accepted knowledge around the value of a degree. What is the price that students have to pay for a degree in 2017? What are the costs of college, even outside of potentially crippling student loans? We assume that if a young person works hard enough, they can get a degree and set themselves on the path to a stable life. But Goldrick-Rab’s research says that’s not the case.

Watch the keynote here.

SXSWedu Launch Startup Competition

SXSWedu’s edtech startup competition featured ten entrants pitching their ideas to a jury of education experts and a live audience, but only three finalists were selected. These three companies competed in the Launch Competition Showdown Round, where they presented to a panel of judges, all selected as edtech experts. The three finalists consisted of teachersconnect.com, thegraidenetwork.com, and The Whether by betterweekdays.com.

Learn more about the Launch Competition finalists here.

Learn about the Launch Competition winner here.

Keynote: Tim Ferriss — “The Secrets of Accelerated Learning & Mastery”

Ferriss wrote the bestsellers “The 4-Hour Workweek” and “Tools of Titans”, and he took the SXSWedu stage in a conversation with DonorsChoose.org CEO and founder Charles Best. Together they examine the phenomenon known as Accelerated Learning and how to apply this to the classroom. In this talk, Ferriss shares frameworks and techniques that can help you create a better learning environment and apply to your own professional development.

Watch the keynote here.

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