What’s New on Edmodo for 2019

By Edmodo HR | August 05th, 2019 | No Comments

From Messages to Student Planners, we’re proud to roll out fantastic new features for Edmodo users across the globe.

We’re two months into 2019 and so much has happened already. Over at Edmodo HQ, we’ve been hard at work taking feedback from users, creating new features, and implementing updates to everyone’s favorite tools. We can’t wait to see what teachers do with these new features and updates. There’s a lot to share, so let’s break it down one at a time:

Edmodo Messages

Messages was one of our biggest surprises of the past few years, and we’re excited to bring more utility to the service after listening to user feedback. Messages on Edmodo have helped students connect with teachers like never before, and we’ve got some great updates in store:

The new information panel on the right side tracks conversation info and files shared by each user.

What’s New: Messages now has an information panel built into the messaging interface that helps you find file attachments and add them to your library without sifting through pages and pages of text bubbles. You can also hide, delete, and archive conversations directly from the information panel. Plus, you can create group conversations with multiple students and parents to keep everyone in the loop.

Why You’ll Love It: We want Edmodo Messages to feel as useful and feature-rich as any other messaging client you already use and love, except as a perfect fit for your educational life. With these new features, you no longer have to scroll through threads looking for the right file or use a personal app to message students and parents. It’s a fine line between being available for students, responding to parents, and establishing boundaries for yourself — and we want to help you manage that balance.

Check out Messages here. For more information about using Messages, see this article from our Help Center.

Student & Parent Account Management

Tucked away in one of our favorite features, Edmodo Classes, you’ll find that there are some new additions to the Member Management tool for your classes. Now it’s even easier to add students and connect parent accounts — so you can keep everyone updated on classwork and assignments.

You can connect parents to your students’ accounts faster than ever.

What’s New: Teachers can now see whether individual students have connected parent accounts right from their Members tab. You can now also directly connect parent accounts from the same tab with just a few clicks. There are also a few tweaks to show you more information about the student accounts in your classes we think you’ll find helpful.

Why You’ll Love It: At Edmodo, we know that when parents are more involved in student academics, their learning outcomes improve. We made these updates so you can more easily get parents in the loop for your classes through Edmodo’s automatic updates for parents.

For more information about connecting parents to students, see this article from our Help Center.

Student Planner

Teachers and parents alike know that organizational skills and time management are huge factors in a student’s academic success. That’s why we’ve been updating the new Student Planner to help students across the world understand how to manage their time and deadlines better.

The new Student Planner allows students to quickly and easily add tasks for any class.

What’s New: Not only does the Planner automatically include any Edmodo Assignments, events and tasks that a teacher assigns a student, but now students can add their own tasks for their classes that aren’t on Edmodo. Plus, students can get customized notifications about tasks and assignments due soon.

Why They’ll Love It: It’s easy to get excited about your paper planner in the new school year and then forget about it entirely as it falls to the bottom of a student’s backpack. The Edmodo Student Planner lets students use a digital tool that’s in the same app as their messages with their teacher and stream of class updates. With regular notifications about what’s due, they won’t be surprised by a sudden assignment due the next day or a big event that slipped their mind.

Your students can access the new Planner by downloading the latest Edmodo app. For more information about using the Student Planner, see this article from our Help Center.

This is just a taste of the new features that students, teachers, and parents will get on Edmodo in 2019. We’ve got a whole bunch more in the works — like content recommendations for teachers that bring lesson materials to you instead of the other way around. And stay tuned for the rebirth of Topics into Edmodo hashtags, allowing you to stay updated on the latest teacher talk and trends! In the meantime, we hope that you’ve found a new reason to fall in love with Edmodo and bring the power of social learning to your classroom.

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